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Report on Minge aka Jewishalien


Your Steam Name:  プレゼント〜

Your ingame name: Reiko Fuji
Your Steam Profile/SteamIDhttps://steamcommunity.com/id/NuketheJaps/
Who are you reporting? (Name, Steam ID & Discord ID if possible): This is REQUIRED. You can get their steam ID easily by pressing TAB in game and right clicking on their name. J e w i s h a l i e n ,  STEAM_0:0:19270309, https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheDongLord/
Evidence: Post videos, screenshots, anything that can help. If you don't have any evidence, tough luck. 

He first started by minus repping me so i cuss him out in ooc. He then demotes me from my cc. (i have a screenshot sent to grape) or u can refer to his report on me. So i asked grape to come on and see what can be done. Grape warns him over the demote and tells him to stay away from me. He then creates a forum report on me for a situation which has already been dealt with and he was warned for. After a while, he ardm's me when he was mayor from the snipers nest while i was standing still (checking my phone irl) and i called a sit with Blake for it. After a long period of time, he states to blake and I that he has "wasted enough of Reiko's time" and "how long will i get banned if i just kill him." So sit ends with him getting his 32nd warn for ardming me. 2 mins later, after blake leaves, He actually comes to rdm me and then LTAPS. Xen0 who was on at the time has banned him and it is a 7 day ban. I know that he has been warned for his two actions and banned for a week but I petition that he be removed from the community. He is a known minge by many staff members and this type of activity just creates a bunch of hassle, Especially if he just comes every week. 

Screenshot of him saying he has wasted enough of my time can be provided on request (didnt crop my second monitor yet) . Everything else is in logs, all his warns and bans should be accessible to staff.


I Actually got him for a day but requested an extension to 7 since well LTAP/Rdm and being aggresive towards me and some other people just because i got his sit a little bit late when i was taking bussines with some lolitas stuff going on and some other stuff


Need to see some evidence of him harassing you other than what he was already banned for.


The user was already appropriately punished by our staff team. For him to be removed from the community, we would need evidence of long-term harassment or mingery, usually spread over at least a month, or otherwise extremely severe in nature. Based on this report, I think I can surmise that you lack such evidence.

That being said, based on the fact 3 different staff members felt it fit to punish him for actions he's taken against you, I will be adding "Harassment" to his ban and extending it to 2w. Hopping on to do so right now.

Start recording your interactions with him if you want further action taken against him in the future. For now, this is all I can reasonably do.

Report somewhat accepted.

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