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Perm Removal From Community

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Your Steam Name: Ultraagent867
Your ingame name: Ultraagent867
Your Steam Profile/SteamIDSTEAM_0:1:180787775
Who are you reporting? Black African American STEAM_0:0:57989110
Reason of Report: Player has been banned on multiple occasions for MRDM (4 times), IRDM x2 (2 times) Irdm x1 (1 time) Rdm (2 times) Nla (1 time) Rda (2 times). This player has keep this going over a couple months and displays no display of remorse or guilt or even learning from his mistakes. This player even stated by himself he has no intent of being on this sever and "i'm just here to minge". Yet after ever ban he keeps coming back and doing the same thing with the sole purpose of wreaking havoc upon the community and its players. Its happened so often that its a near weekly thing.  He mrdms or gets caught by the second kill or rdas or revenge cuffs every week, gets banned, comes back and repeats. I'd like to see this player Permanently removed from this community. 
 Evidence: Ban logs, this is his latest offense:  Click me ( https://youtu.be/R-zh23_au-8 ) if hyperlink doesnt work (watch the killfeed)
Timestamps of rdms: 0:04 , 0:12 , 0:20 , 0:58 , 1:44 , 2:19

[Image: SLCArlm.png]Here is the player's bans. Before his mrdm ban he was banned for 3 days. the day of his unban he got banned again. I posted this so you can see the quotes im talking about such as " I'm just here to minge"

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From what I see of this, this guy gets banned and keeps coming back and just harassing because the bans are from like every day he is unbanned he gets banned. I am also seeing in the bans that it says "I'm just here to minge" and " no care to be on the server". I think its pretty clear that he doesn't care about the server its his own words and I think a minge does need to be removed from this community. Also I just seen this he is in a gang called "the rdmers" pretty mingy name.

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I will forward this to the other smods and higher up to discuss the topic of banning. Thanks for the report, we were already keeping an eye on this dude.
Closing it for now.

Voting with smods, admins and superadmins had been done. User will be permanently banned due to his incredible minge record.
If he wants to come back he can make an unban appeal and explain himself.

Accepted, permanent ban chosen as punishment

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