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Rolex (Accepting Members)


                                                                                    Owner and CEO of Rolex: Lean

                                                                                            Co-Owner of Rolex: Toesluper24

                                                           Officers in Rolex: Chenfu, KingBK, Urban Bomber, Archasans, And Toeslurper24

                                                                                 Members: 11 Members who are all pretty active
                                              Description: Rolex is a gang that you can have a good time when chilling with each other. Rolex also wants their members and officers to have the same rights as any other member or officer. So what I do for new members of the server is I spend my money to get them setup with a good dupe and V.I.P, Rolex looks for mature but also people who like to have a laugh. Sometimes basing can get a little crazy but in the end were all friends. 
                                                                                Current Gang Level: 46 and growing at least 1 level every day.

                                                                                                                      Gang Talents:
                                    Precious Life: (When you drop below 30 health your health automatically goes back up to 100, Has a 5 minute cooldown)
                                    Extra Bullet: (You have a 20% chance to not lose a bullet out of your clip when you shoot)
                                         Quick Sell: (Allows you to sell stuff from your inventory)
                                         Junk Launcher: (Launches objects with your gravity gun) EX. C4, Makeshift Timebombs, And Parcels.

                                                                                                              Application Format:

Ingame Name:
Steam Name:
Previous Gangs:
Hours Played:
Do you own a custom class? :
                                                                         Do you enjoy basing? (Not required to enjoy basing) :


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