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Your Steam Name: Lotus
Your ingame name: Tommy Titmaster
Your Steam Profile/SteamID: STEAM_0:1:31810116
Who are you reporting? (Name, Steam ID & Discord ID if possible): Succ The Zucc , STEAM_0:0:157950221
Evidencehttps://youtu.be/qCYkNBEK6tA video of sit

I was banned for "Sit exploiting / Lying in the sit." I still do not know how I was sit exploiting or what I lied about. The admin had asked me some questions in chat I do not understand though I was previously banned for 30 minutes for sit exploit I never had a sit and I never exploited, rather than post on the forums I decided to just wait the 30 minutes. If somehow I was exploiting please explain it to me and I asure you it was not intentional.

I apologize if I did break the rules and I miss understood, I know the staff are just doing their jobs. If I must stay banned I please ask that the time be reduced as I love this server and community and I believe the sit was unfair and not explained.


I'll send this to Succ to get him to respond

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Alright so I was asking about the sit exploiting, you said you were never banned or had any run ins with sit exploiting, when in OOC you admitted to it by saying "yes that is what I was banned for" immediately lying in the sit. Also the information that was provided to me was from multiple accounts in different raids.

You said "(OOC) Tommy Titmaster: I was indeed"

And "(OOC) Tommy Titmaster: banned for that reason"

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I was banned for that reason but I did not admit to doing it, it was a vote ban which I was never even talked to about before hand.


If caught exploiting the punishment will vary depending on how much of an advantage the exploiter gains. This ranges from being humiliated to being perma banned.


It does say that in the motd which proves my point of I was not caught exploiting.


3-4 people said you were in two separate raids I brought the ones who first said it to me, from there I told them first that without evidence I can't do anything since I wasn't on. You admitted to being banned for that reason in OOC and when I asked about it to you directly you said that you didn't. When you literally said that you were in OOC.

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I never talked with you ingame unless your ingame name is Succ the Zucc, in that case you never asked me that you only asked what was in the video?
My only intention is to be unbanned at this point, if you believe the ban was just all I ask is to consider the time reduction as this seems severe for a miss understanding? Please I like this community and if a group wants to go out of their way to get me banned then I must have done them wrong and I apologize.


I am Succ The Zucc (Sorry for the confusion I made the forums account as Vladimir Lenin when it was my Steam name) I'd be willing to bring it down however to three weeks due to it possibly being a misunderstanding on your part, feeling generous. I could talk to you what is considered sit exploiting when you're back and what to avoid doing in the future. At this point this is more like a ban appeal, but I'd be willing to bring it down to three weeks given the circumstance of you actually wanting to talk it out and explain what went wrong. If you want me to show you in game I very much so can I'll DM you on the forums my steam link so I can show you in a private game what it is so that you can avoid doing it again.


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