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Motherfucking Mugen & Herb

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Your Steam Name: Lil Mustard
Your ingame name: Ivan Pavlov
Your Steam Profile/SteamID: STEAM_0:1:110809711
Who are you reporting? (Name, Steam ID & Discord ID if possible): Motherfucking Mugen & Herb, Mugen- STEAM_0:1:73713426, Herb- STEAM_0:1:79267525
Evidence: 17:06:24 Player Herb (OwO) said seems like its not failbase
17:10:56 Player Motherfucking Mugen (Anime Hoe) said (OOC) already talked to bunziix and Isaac about it
17:12:07 Player Motherfucking Mugen (Anime Hoe) said (OOC) also I don't ever talk to bunziix 

(In the above dialog you see Mugen go back on what he said and then you see Herb saying its not a failbase but its a headglitch and footglitch.


The head glitch and foot glitch - https://imgur.com/a/3fH3v3D

Just a full view of their conversation that I grabbed from logs - https://imgur.com/2Mi3afR


Hey the pictures you sent are broken and I cant view them if you could properly send them like from Imgur it would be a more sufficient report.


Images are not functioning. Please edit post to reflect the new evidence


Yall images dont work bud


Your images dont work mate


Fixed them for yah bois. <3


I have recently seen a lot of these bases going around. I have no fucking idea why people are making them as inside in the base he cant shoot back really at anyone inside the base.
[Image: DQESms.png]


Yes all the way at the end is a one way but when we raided my buddy was walking out you can see their head and feet we showed this to herb and he still decided to say it wasnt a FailRPbase

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I'll try to get ahold of mugen and see if he can post this base and I'll look at it. I have seen bases like this and yeah they are not ok.

I talked to mugen and he showed me his base, it is definitly a failbase.


Glad you agree but originally I wasn't bothered you know its whatever its a game but what I am concerned about is how Herb could sit there and defend him and try to tell us it's not a Failbase and Honestly I think some higher ups need to look at this report and reprimand him because this is wrong.

- Jakobie

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