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able to kidnap at fountain

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Description: if you use the detective badge you are able to kidnap in fountain area


Priority: Medium

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Yes this is   a  known glitch Whoever abuse it. will be delt with by staff  . If you see anyone abusing this plz report it to staff 

Thank you


There isn't really anything we can do about it except in the code. The people I know only do it to like friends and like kill themselves after.

I do it all the time to plutori cause they wont make love to me anymore


Anyone with access to it is most likely an old fart who doesnt use it to rp anyways


Or tranq


Except to use it as a bludgeon, what use does it have? lol


The detective badge is a reskin over the “bludgeon1” sugar coded the fountain area to be immune to the “bludgeon” but did not realize he made the detective badge the other bludgeon before hand. This is considered exploiting. I would not even do it with friends because if u accidentally kidnap a random and they call a sit. You most likely will get banned.


Yep, what bunziix said. You see anyone do it, be sure to have it recorded. Person will get smacked.

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