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Report on Jack

(This post was last modified: 04-18-2019, 10:08 PM by Leona Sandcastle.)

Your Steam Name: Leona Sandcastle
Your ingame name: Leona Sandcastle
Your Steam Profile/SteamID: STEAM_0:0:461404223
Who are you reporting? (Name, Steam ID & Discord ID if possible): Jack Johnson STEAM_0:0:88220993

Story: I enforce the law "PD is KOS/AOS" and kill a blood, he reports me and we both get to a sit with Jack.

he checks the laws and the law is still there but there is no mayor. 

he says its rdm and cops are NOT allowed to enforce the laws if there is no mayor and he also says it's in the motd (it's not there, if it is then I couldn't find it)

he didn't tell me where the rule was and also said [Moderator] Jack Johnson: Ask a smod or in ooc if you want to 

Evidence: Post videos, screenshots, anything that can help. If you don't have any evidence, tough luck.
I told him that he made that rule up then he responded with > http://prntscr.com/ndyd3z

I think he's being a bad mod and warned me for RDM when it wasn't the case at all


Okay, so imma say it quickly.
It might've been not in the motd since i dont know every single rule that stands in the motd, BUT, its pretty logical when theres no Mayor, the laws dont apply.
The Mayor was NuBpC, and he told me he got killed by an assassin, and it even said that in the chat.
It's kinda your fault for not looking or even hearing since when a mayor dies there's a sound.


the mayor was big tits and he was assasinated and the chat didn't say "laws are default now"
you're just making up rules. i dont know why you call me toxic when i told you that rule isn't in the motd and you made it up
you even told me to ask smods in ooc for the rule and you didnt give it to me.
i think youre being unprofessional
+ ive seen waay too many cops enforcing the laws when there was no mayor, i even saw some staff in ooc saying its allowed


Due to NuBpC being a big nerd and confusing me, i was wrong about who was Mayor, but it doesnt matter.
It's a glitch, when a Mayor dies, the laws are SUPPOSE to be set to default, meaning the laws didnt apply.
I didnt tell you where the rule is because i thought the smods could just anwser your question, sadly, didnt happen.
I dont care how many cops did that, the sit was on you and you got punished.
I've NEVER seen a Staff saying the laws still apply even tho theres no Mayor.


I dont know if the laws staying after mayor is assassinated is a bug but i have always went by and have been told by other staff that if there are laws that the cp enforce them even if there is no mayor. Im pretty sure when mayor dies in a revolt the laws reset to default but imo they should reset everytime mayor dies. I think that the warn should be removed because for one its not his fault for the server having a bug and for 2 if the laws are there the cp might as well enforce it. 


I've seen the bug where the mayor dies and there are still laws. Go ahead and enforce them if the laws are still there. But if there is no mayor just enforce the default laws until you get a mayor. If there was still laws when the mayor died completely understand why you would enforce them . Warn should be removed due to the fact it being a bug .


Alrighty, so i've been talked with Isaac for a bit, and i'll remove the warn since i'ts a bug.
I apologize for being rude aswell, it's been a bad day, but it doesnt give me an excuse.

PM me on discord when you get on, i will remove your warn the minute i join.

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