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TitsRP Map

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[Image: juixo20.jpg]

Jacket made this


Here's the pdf if anyone has anything else to add: https://ufile.io/lx4hszbv
And here is the raw map image in 1080p: https://i.imgur.com/tskIig2.png


Yo make the entire area for Strip Club because that's how people refer to it, also add the section that says StripClub/Church (Sorry can't edit it due to it not wanting to open)


I think there is a bug on this thread, cause I can't seem to find the section where you credit me for making the map or inspiring it creation.


I would ask if the map could represent where my (2) Weapons Stands are daily...
UrBaN BoMbEr'S is the highest rated weapons dealer in the Downtown area, and a pillar to the community. Not directing people there would be a disservice to the players, and possibly considered scamming!

* Mention this post for a free pistol with purchase.

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