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Jacket1 Report: RDM /Lying In A Sit


Your Steam Name: UrBaN BoMbEr

Your ingame name: same
Your Steam Profile/SteamID: STEAM_0:0153466125
Who are you reporting? (Name, Steam ID & Discord ID if possible)
Player: Jacket1

I reported player Jacket1 for RDM for shooting me in the back in front of PD.

Jacket told Sal Is Epic that he "he saw me behind someone and saw me swing my bludgeon, and heard it".

Sap says he has no proof either way and says without proof, he cannot do anything. For a 1 time RDM, it's not worth 2 hours of converting, editing and posting a video... So I drop the so I drop the sit, Sal gives us the be cool speech and returns us.

Around 5 min later, I find 1 of 6 CPs cuffing a hacker in PD and kidnap him. The people in the PD office said put him in there, he will be their pet. 

I find out it's Jacket and he calls me to another sit, this time with Bunzixx and claims I lied in the initial sit. Bunzixx tells both us this is settled, and if there is any more drama, he will have to do something about it. Jacket responded that he was going to kill me when Bunzixx returned us from the sit. Bunzixx told him not to and to stay away from each other.

Immediately after returning us, Jacket walks out the PD door and shoots me in the back. I @ report that he did RDM me immediately after being returned, which was claimed by Sal.

The time of the initial kidnap, call to sit and killing me 3 min later was all verified by Sal.

Jacket admits to Sal that Bunzixx told him not to do it, but that he felt it was justified because he always kills his kidnappers.

I'm not sure of the thinking on Sal's part as to why killing me after being told not to in a sit was not worthy of discipline...

But to prove his story in the initial sit was untrue, I have spent almost hours converting, editing down and posting the linked vid.

Jacket's claim was that he "saw me standing behind someone, with baton out and sees and hears me swing it at the person, and then shot me".
I will ask that if I have to go to these lengths to prove he RDMed me, was a lying minge in a sit, and then went back and killed me again (after staff told him not to) that he is disciplined accordingly.
Evidence: Video:
Video of initial RDM and lying in a sit.


Jacket has been a major minge for quite some time, and your video does prove that what jacket said in a sit was false. I would like to get sal's take on this as well but given your evidence alone I am:

+1 for punishment

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As to what Monoxide said I 100% agree that it was, +1 for punishment.



+1 for punishment


I wish i could have done something in the actual sit so im sorry that we couldnt get this resolved earlier, but i didnt want to make any hasty decisions with a lack of evidence. But since we have evidence of him lying in the sit and RDMing urban, we can punish jacket accordingly.

+1 for punishment


(04-22-2019, 10:59 PM)UrBaN BoMbEr Wrote: Jacket told Sal Is Epic that he "he saw me behind someone and saw me swing my bludgeon, and heard it".

Jacket's claim was that he "saw me standing behind someone, with baton out and sees and hears me swing it at the person, and then shot me".

I picked my words very carefully when I said "I heard and saw a kidnap swep from you" "I saw you behind someones back with a bludgeon out"
I never mentioned seeing you swinging.

On my defense:
The first situation:
I was Role Playing as a cop for 30 minutes when I noticed Urban having a bludgeon swep out and running behind people suspiciously but haven't kidnapped anyone, it was going on for almost 15 minutes, someone throws a green smoke grenade and 3-2 seconds after it pops I hear a kidnap sound on my right and turn and see you with a bludgeon out looking like you were running away from the juggernaut after failing to kidnap him so I decided to shoot you down because the whole situation seemed to me that you threw that grenade and tried to get a quick kidnap on the juggernaut.

The second situation:
I got kidnapped by you and brought into another guy's room and was locked in it, then after I woke up you said "oh yeah I swung I lied" and I freaked out and Bunziix was there too, so it came to my mind that you were lying in the previous sit and was only trying to get me in trouble for what ever reason.
Bunziix takes the sit and he doesn't know anything about the previous one so he just tells us to stay away from each other, I tell bunziix in the sit I'll kill him when we go back, he tells me not to and when he returns us I kill him.
Why did I kill him and ignore what Bunziix said?
I ignored what bunziix said because he didn't know the reason why I was going to kill Urban for and he thought I was threatening to RDM him, and my reason for killing him was because he kidnapped me, I made a report right after I woke up and it was taken few seconds after, after the sit I got out of the room and killed Urban (because he was my kidnapper and I never died), he claims that the sit cancels the RP (but I disagree, as if a sit was called in the middle of a raid the raid would continue after the sit ends).

I think you're the one that started all this drama by calling me a minge in a sit and telling a story then informing me that you lied after the sit ends.
You were also kill baiting (in my opinion) by walking around with a bludgeon out and going behind people without swinging or anything.
I also demand a longer version of the video, and a video with an actual audio instead of you recording the video again just to hover over some text with your mouse.
(please start the video 5 minutes before me first time killing you and end it by the end of sal's 2nd sit)

Hey Monoxide I never actually met you on the server before, except some His from a month or 2.
so can you please come up with your own personal opinion about me? instead of making assumptions based on the new staff's whining

Hey Zucc kidnapping a player to steal what they're holding is not against the rules


Evidence shows it all, Jacket's minge and toxic behaviour continues so +1 for punishment


Clearly can see that jacket rdm you for no reason. Cut the crap jacket you know what you did . This is straight up rdm , I'll leave this open for a few more hours before accepting and deciding a punishment for jacket.


ok ty for letting me know I can record with no audio so I could get people in trouble and cut it in a vague way


(04-23-2019, 05:33 AM)Jacket Wrote: ok ty for letting me know I can record with no audio so I could get people in trouble and cut it in a vague way

No audio was needed. I was in charge of 2 of the sits between you and urban and I vividly recall you saying "I heard him swing" multiple times in this particular RDM case. You lied in the sit and your lying right now. You know the rules and you know what you did.

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