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Jacket1 Report: RDM /Lying In A Sit

(This post was last modified: 04-23-2019, 09:54 AM by plutori.)

Okay, from what I see in the evidence it looks like an unjustified kill, call it RDM if you wish but at most the video shows RDM x1
As for the second issue, jacket can kill his kidnapper

Edit: After discussion with Plutori I have to agree after being told by Bunziix not to kill him, Jacket should NOT have proceeded to kill Urban.


So, after discussing this report in the admin channel, frankly, we don't care much about the first kill - reasonable misunderstanding, we can let that go, fine. The real issue we have with this report is the second kill, because Jacket was told specifically and clearly by our moderator not to kill Urban. If Jacket disagreed with this directive, he should have reported this issue to a higher up to either have it overruled/discussed or as reference for further review of this moderator's performance in the future - instead he just ignored it by killing Urban.

For that reason, we will be considering this second kill to be RDM. A warn is to be issued for "RDM + Disregarding staff directives". No bans or anything, this is still a fairly minor case to be honest.

Report accepted.

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