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Cops and The Mayor and how easy to abuse they are.


At the moment, it's stupid easy for the CP system to become stuck in a feedback loop of a ton of CPs ----> mayor makes CP appeasement/tyrant/minge laws such as stupid high fines for minor offenses and outlawing stuff for the sake of outlawing it ----> cops overenforce and it becomes impractical to actually admin sit the cops because there are so many and the laws are so absurd that it blurs the line between cuff/fine abuse and valid RP ---> massive excess of cops makes it impossible to revolt or vote out mayor ---> cops repeatedly reelect cancerous mayor to preserve the ability to fine a guy 10k for jaywalking and because cop is the only job where you don't spend 90% of your time waiting out jailtimer there are 25 cops so mayor always get reelection unless a hacker fucks the election but then the cops will just be lazy about defending mayor and it'll be right back to electing a really shitty mayor


Okay....but instead of just complaining, why not offer a way to fix it? Also PD raids ARE a thing. And if he's not in PD, makes everything easier for you.


!revolt !unfun /advert pd raid all epic commands to use


Alright what about we lower the required amount of people to vote out the mayor. When it gets that cancer it literally is impossible to get 32 people to vote on it. Bring it down to 20 maybe when it gets to that many people/cp and let it cap there at 20. (Only thing we could do in the case of unfunning a bad mayor)

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