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Be able to buy new printers when yours got stolen


Sometimes when I get raided people steal my printers and it’s annoying and I can’t raid that person or I can’t find their base so I want a new system that allows you to buy new printers when you get raided. Here’s what I think you can add (when you steal a printer you have to press e on where it said whoever owns it so you can own it and whoever loses it can buy another one)


That’s easily exploitable and there would be a lot more entities in the map and it would cause lag. One reason you can’t buy more is for server performance so I don’t see this happening.


Yeah I agree with yeetus. Plus imagine how easy it would be for someone to sit in a base with a friend, buy a printer, have their friend "own" the printer, spawn a new one, then continue until you got like 1000 printers. Fuck all that lololol.


Ok edit: if you steal a printer you can only own one Normal printer and mini printer from the person you robbed from so you don’t exploit


just no, we don't need more printers to be spawned, and if you could respawn stolen entities, everyone on the server can have a copy of your printer and basing would be less risky
"oh i got raided, oh well, i can just spawn another one", tokens exist for a reason.

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