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The Rolex Situation (Warn appeal)

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Your Steam Name: toeslurper24
Your in-game name: toeslurper24
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:47599933

Why were you warned/banned?: RDM, "Free shooting", "wrong bind for PD raid", "attempted RDM",
Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : I feel like these warns are false in that they are clearly geared against me....the first warn (RDM) was from today, I was raiding someone and Lolita (GenderFluid on forums) was batman, seeing he was batman he watched me kill someone. I knew he was going to cuff me so I killed him. He calls RDM and reports it to an admin. Friendly Canadian takes the sit, he ends up warning me for RDM, 1 time RDM which isnt even a sit according to the server rules. No verbal nothing, the two got in a discord call to review evidence, when asking in game and on discord if I could be in the call Canadian ignored me. I dont understand why im being warned for 1X RDM for something like that when I record videos of other players RDMing and they are told "Hey man make sure you guys are in a party and you use your bind". Yet im warned without even a question.... I understand the staff do not like my gang. I wont name names (unless I have your permission which would help so much <3) but essentially im told about 3 times a day that the mods do not like Rolex (my gang) because we defend each-other. I understand thats frustrating but just because we've built a large community doesnt mean you can discriminate against me in sits. Ive been warned for "Free shooting" Before. What does that mean? Well if you know me, you know when its late at night I go around shooting windows for fun. Not at people or anything, just shooting windows at the hotel. I was warned for this.... I also have been warned for "attempted RDM" by North Bear. I was defending myself from someone killing me and hit him in the crossfire, he warned me immediately for "attempted RDM". I just dont think its okay to warn me for everything, I couldn't tell you the last time I learned anything from a sit. It seems every sit I get into im climbing uphill backwards to defend myself, instead of sharing my side. Why do others like Jacket get 3 verbals, yet I get a warn right away without even being in the discord call when the evidence is being reviewed. It makes the game not fun at all, thats what its all about is just having a good time. I've put a lot of time money and love into this server and built an amazing gang with my friends. I've brought this to Rubik, Doc, and many mods. Nobody except Hooverman, Succ the Zucc and Rubik have responded. So thank you to those guys I love them. It just sucks logging on knowing the second you do anything someone is watching waiting to report you, only to get the same 4 mods warning you over and over again without any verbals or anything. Its almost as fast as, teleport, ask other person what happened, check logs, warn teleport. Thats not how this should be, I shouldn't be getting the front because the staff does not like my gang. Speaking of which, my gang shouldn't be treated any differently just because they use tactics like defending each other that you dont like. I'd like to consider myself a largely active and known member of the community, and these mods are absolutely ruining the experience and its really sad. I've even talked to Leathal (Zucc) and when he reviewed my warns, he was shocked to see the blatant anti-favoritism. Its wrong, shitty, and borderline hurtful that because of a group of friends I play with, Im treated like shit in every sit I go into. I record my gameplay, every report I make always has video proof, yet nothing is ever done. No matter how many times I send videos of RDM its always a verbal. But the second I kill someone who is going to run up on me when im not looking and batman zip tie me, im warned without a say about anything. The perfect example of this, is that Jacket1 gets a 3rd verbal for RDM, no bind or party. Straight RDM, yet I am warned for "wrong bind for PD raid" and threatened with a ban for "mass RDM" because of a bind...If this is how its going to be then I suppose I can take my business elsewhere. I dont feel going to the forums will help, though I would love it if it would; largely because its a constant issue with the in-game mods. Its unfair and really shitty. If you have read this far thank you. Everyone in my gang wants to have a good time, this is not how you treat any player.
Who warned/banned you and for how long?: A Friendly Canadian, Philip Swift, Vexxy, North Bear (In order of warns above)
Evidence: N/A

If anyone would like to have an actual discussion please add me on discord, i'd really like to talk to you guys (especially those who have turned their backs on me due to Rolex). I just want to make things right and have a good time. toeslurper#8379 <3 thank you.


Well at least in my warn appeal batman wasent close to the raid he was across the bridge. I will try to get lolita to send the video


If what you are saying is true about staff treating you differently because of your gang. I'll keep a close eye on this situation. I just want to let everyone know we treat everyone with the same amount of respect even if they are being Nerds.

About the warning part ... all staff are different all staff handle situations differently. But we are supposed to teach then act . Most staff usually follow this and give verbal then If you continue a warn might be given. But also it depends on your behavior in a sit if you are being a total ass and just being disrespectful then your more likely to get warned. If you are being completely honest and respectful most likely you will be let off with a verbal.

If you feel some staff are just targeting you maybe record the sits you are in or you can come speak to me or anyone and we can resolve this issue.

At the end of the day we are a community and your concerns , feelings etc matter



Thank you Isaac, you're awesome bro as always, please let me know on the appeal status as well. <3


I don't think genuine bias is at play here. The staff team consists of different people with different methods of staffing. Some are more forgiving while others are less merciful and while a perfect world would have all staff be more forgiving and easy on the punishments that simply isn't possible. But speaking of Bias, you could argue Succ is biased in your favour in regards to your warns being "unjustified" considering you're friends. (Not saying that but inherent bias exists and is just not something you can really solve). I genuinely don't think anyone actually cares about your gang, and while that may sound harsh I just think you got unlucky in regards to these situations. For Canadian's warn, I would have given you a verbal and told you to make sure Batman's actually going after you before attacking. For north's warn I wouldn't have even bothered. Staff handle situations different and take different courses of action with their punishments, and that's their right if they believe that punishment to be necessary.

By all means, please name those names you mentioned were biased against you in my DM's however.

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"seeing he was batman he watched me kill someone. I knew he was going to cuff me so I killed him."
Murder isn't something batman can restrain for. Just because you "knew" he was going to isn't a reason to kill him unless he actually tries to.
"who is going to run up on"
Just because someone in the street could just pull up a gun out of no where and kill you doesn't mean you can just go kill everyone. Saying that he was "going" to do this I believe isn't a valid reason to kill someone unless they are actually running after you and clearly trying to ziptie you.

Free shooting isn't really a warn so I'd be ok for that one to be taken off.

"wrong bind for PD raid" and threatened with a ban for "mass RDM"
I mean technically you did mass rdm, but normally if someone says that and I see like one warning bind then I sort of know he most likely just missed his pd raid bind like if its one button over.

But unless you can show evidence on the warns being false or if the staff member who warned you decides to take it off nothing will really be done, except for me the free shooting like wtf is that warn, Sorry man. :/

Edit: But yeah like Herb said, different staff will handle things differently as we are all different people, I hope at least I don't wanna be a robot.


He came to me asking for wants to be removed and I told him to make the appeal. As Herb stated all the warns that I said that were in my eyes harsh for the situation at hand. Though as I also said I’m not able to just remove warns and that other staff hand out other punishments. I’ll be making sure the ‘free shooting’ warn is removed promptly.


As what the others have said we all staff diffrently. I give new players a lot of chances, so if a newer player did what you did they would of got a verbal, but someone like you who is literally top 10 in most time played on deserves a warn. As what I said before still trying to get Lolita to send the video.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hL8VrtxJ...e=youtu.be heres the video


I mean batman watched the previous exchange, stopped, takes a defensive position and right clicked on a sniper trying loading it from his inventory.
It is pretty clear he did have intentions of responding with LETHAL force...

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