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Vexxy Report abuse


Your Steam Name:♥ 임윤아
Your ingame name:Lunas
Your Steam Profile/SteamID:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198250510526/
Who are you reporting? (Name Vexxy , Steam ID STEAM_0:0:37886146

: doesnt really need a video or screenshot he will have to admit himself or the high rank staff can check the logs. Alright so i adverted raid PD inside the PD after i killed vexxy and he brought i said im sorry i forgot to advert and he warned me for rdm and yes i was wrong by adverting inside the PD after that he return me to the PD where the last position i was and later he returned me he came back and try to arrested me then i killed him, he said get out your raid is false and i did but the problem here is that he broken NLR to arrest me, and i understand that but still if a rules breaker killed you still have to wait out your NLR but he doesnt give a damn and ignore me


You cant call PD raid in the PD in the first place, You walked in and shot me and stayed there even after you called it, Meaning you stuck around after rdming me just to kill me again because one would assume knowing the rules so much as you said you did, You wouldn't be able to continue a raid that you call inside PD. So I'd assume your ass has left. You had 0 Reason to stay there because the bank was unraidable(There was not enough cops at the time and I was on grace) at the time and there was no one in prison to raid, You were raiding just to kill.


yes i was wrong by adverting inside the PD and i did not stayed inside there you return me after like 3 second and you came back to arrest me when i was able to leave the problem here is you said if a rules breaker killed you and you can go back to the places where you were killed but

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Okay, lack of evidence aside, I don't really see a big issue here. From what I can tell you call a false PD Raid and kill vexxy, who returns to go back to his office (which is allowed since it was a false PD raid). I spoke with Vexxy and he claims he didn't go back after you at all, he was just heading to his office and I believe him (especially with lack of evidence.) so I fail to see a rule broken here.

I will be denying this report due to the above.


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