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Rules for Entity Sales Stands


(05-16-2019, 12:20 AM)UrBaN BoMbEr Wrote: Rubik should make those rules available to people on the server...



In support of Urban here, I've had a couple cases (with urban specifically) where they'll put up a textscreen on his stand, and then I'll come back them take it down, and then I'll have to come back because they will put another text screen up like 5 feet away from his stand with an arrow pointing to his stand saying "fuck this guy's stand" or "don't buy from here". Its not over his stand, but its very close and it's clearly trying to stop people from using it. I believe a rule should be implemented for cases such as this, something like "You cannot use a textscreen to try to interfere with a business in any way".


It's just a game, if it bothers you that much call a staff member and have it removed. I don't think we need rules like this cluttering up the MOTD so I am not in support of adding a specific set of rules for gun shelves.


I was just kidding... I see the !motd everytime I log in and refer people to it daily.

I appreciate the clarification!

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