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Warn Appeal


Your Steam Name: 13g of lasagna
Your in-game name: Tuss
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:176623576

Why were you warned/banned?: FailRP (Using box to avoid arrest)
Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : I was in a sit about this before like maybe a month or two ago. I don't remember who exactly hosted the sit. It was either Jack Johnson or Succ The Zucc. Whoever was there said that using the box to avoid arrest/cuffing is NOT failrp. Then comes today, I get into a sit about this exact same thing. Except the mod doesn't know the answer so we wait for about 5 minutes for Rubik. After rubik comes he says it is failrp. I demanded to see where it states in the MOTD about this. He pulls up this "Do not use your disguise swep to avoid RP/arrest" The cardboard box is not a disguise swep at all. Even if it was, isn't the sole intention of the cardboard box to avoid arrest? If it isn't WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAVING IT IN THE SERVER. Seriously, I am in a state of anger and confusion right now. If you need more details for what happened @ me on the discord.
Who warned/banned you and for how long?: Dr. Steve Brule
Evidence: My warns

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There is nothing wrong with the box swep, but using any prop, swep (including jump sweps), entity or weapon to avoid arrest is FAILRP. Normally we don't even issue warnings for failrp but due to unwillingness to accept this as fact, I'm pretty sure that's why you were warned.
Don't quote me on this, but I recall either Doc or Plutori stating that you can use the box swep and other disguise sweps to avoid arrest ONLY if you are completely out of sight, such as around a corner or hiding in the interior of a building, behind a door or whatever.

Also, here are your warns.
[Image: Kun3KTb.png]


The only reason of me not accepting it is because of the fact that I had been in a sit previously and had been told it is allowed


What I'm getting is: You got warned for using the cardboard box to avoid an arrest.
Sugar coded it so you the cops wouldn't be able to cuff/arrest you when you're using the box, it wasn't always this way but it got added to the game due to pedophiles being arrested so fast with no counters.

if that's the case than he didn't failRP, and why bring up his past warns? you're talking about this specific situation.


Jacket please leave warm / appeals and reports to staff, that is a perk of being a staff member only.

Moving forward, since Mr. Brule decided to not respond to his own appeal within a timely manner, the warn will be removed. Contact me in game.


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