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xAdept's Ban Appeal

(This post was last modified: 05-18-2019, 02:18 PM by xAdept.)

Your Steam Name: xAdept
Your in-game name: xAdept
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:148476078

Why were you warned/banned?: Broke NLR | LTAP
Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?: Because I was never brought to a sit to discuss the rule break. I didn't even know I broke a rule at the time because I got off to eat lunch which was right around 12:00 PM. I don't think its fair that I got banned for something I wasn't aware of.
Who warned/banned you and for how long?: Vexxy | 3 days.
Evidence: None.


You were offline when you were requested for a sit, Seeming to leave immediately after the killing.

This is what we call LTAP, Leaving to avoid punishment.
Its hard to judge when someone leaves to go eat or leaves cause they dont want to be punished for something.

I can reduce the ban however I still feel you should be punished for the leaving at the time.

Ban Reduced to 12 Hours

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