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is this allowed? @staff


So Basically I've seen people do this a lot lately
I believe it's against the rules because it blocks a PD entrance and another base's entrance, and it's also building in public
if they decide to buy the door entrance beneath them wouldn't it count as basing in 2 different buildings? which is not allowed?



That spot right there nobody owns. So if you go in there they can't kill you . Nobody should be blocking that entrance to pd accept members of the pd .


It is not allowed, it blocks an entrance to a base that they do not own, namely the pd.
I can see in the screenshot "toeslurp" as the owner of the prop and im assuming its toeslurper, who has been verbally warned for this before in a sit with me. Its offtopic but that is blatant disregard for the rules and being verbal warned for it before.


As Piklas stated before me, yes this is not allowed. If you plan on using the entire ally way as part of your base for the building above the other two entrances to the buildings connecting it must be accessible in the case of the PD owning one side and the off chance the other person is using the building below for a restaurant or regular basing.

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[Image: sp42193470_sc7?wid=512&hei=512] quit crying



thought you were verbally warned and here again caught using the same dupe and getting verbally warned again.
seems fair to give 2 verbal warns for doing the same action by the same player


Just to clarify with everyone, I was never warned or talked to about this base aside from a conversation i had with GN Isaac 2 months ago about the spot where I can KILL people. I was never told I couldn't build anywhere if that was the case I would not have built a new one just like this last night Tongue. Jacket is a toxic player that searches for things to warn me about. he looks for problems, like every toxic player. But that is the truth, I have fixed all my dupes after speaking with an smod in game. Everything is taken care, please ignore Jackets crying as it will persistent through the night.


yeah jacket1 is bad he intentionally breaks rules and calls people who counter kidnaps annoying and mingy
+1 for perm ban for exploiting money


Oh dear. I think you two have some unsettled tension to solve, you guys should talk it out more so issues like this won't happen again.


the flame between jacket and rolex never dies down, and at this point it's just getting annoying to hear. you are bound to make enemies, bound to have people you seeing you as different things.
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