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So this is an opinion of mine
so I saw the case of "harassment" https://www.titsrp.com/showthread.php?tid=12055

and I'd strongly disagree with how the sit has been handled.
The Moderator has failed to follow the proper punishment guidelines https://www.titsrp.com/showthread.php?tid=2055
Quote:Disrespecting / Threatening (Harassment)
We highly recommend dealing with this in an RP manner. You should not take what people say seriously on the internet.

Harassment should not result in a ban or kick unless it's very severe. 
Start with a verbal warning and then if they refuse to stop or the harassment gets severe, get an admin+ involved.

Staff Harassment: Do not get offended if someone calls you a terrible staff member or anything else. If harassment goes too far, get an admin+ involved.
This is the proper punishment for Harassment that's listed in the guide lines which each staff member "allegedly" reads before applying.
I saw that the case was mishandled by the "Moderator" Jakey who took the sit and warned for harassment. (didn't follow the guideline)
after he was confronted by me he replied with "he was toxic too" well toxicity in sit isn't exactly harassment, why should toxicity in sit should be a warn for harassment? I think he should've asked an admin+ to step in the situation instead of him handling it by himself.
A moderator failed to follow the guidelines he read and the day after he got promoted.
Either the warn should be removed or changed from Harassment to a proper reason that actually happened.
I have nothing against Jakey personally but I don't think his judgement was right here, and I'm also sad that not a single staff has cared to mention this or even remember it!


Heck and frick and urban have been constantly against each other so he was probably already verbally warned. And toxicity in a sit can drastically change the end results. I think the warn was valid.


I ended up saying in the comments I should of warned for player toxicity not harassment. So that was my mistake on my half


The report was handled and closed... Jacket's opinion of it matters how?

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I'm not saying it wasn't handled
and no my opinoin doesn't matter.
I'm just pointing out how a staff member failed to follow the proper punishment for a situation and got promoted the next day without anyone addressing it.
no My opinion isnt valid and I'm only pointing out what happened.

afterall I'm just a new player who happened to have read the rules, unlike some staff

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