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EDB to PST Converter.

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Exchange database or EDB file is the information store of Microsoft exchange server. Like any database, the EDB file is also prone to errors arising due to a variety of factors and this can put all the valuable information inside the EDB in jeopardy. Then there are common Exchange errors codes like 528  and JET engine errors that often confuse exchange admins and hinder workflow.
But fear not as gone are the days when an exchange admin faced with such situations had to be content with partial data recovery using native tools as new gen utilities EdbMails EDB to PST Converter can flawlessly recover all the  information from exchange database for you. Most exchange admins know that Outlook .PST is a more manageable file format as its generally used for archiving mailboxes. Thus you can safely recover all your data from exchange database and convert it to PST no matter what state it is in using EdbMails.
EdbMails is designed from ground up to be user-friendly and straightforward. You don’t need any particular technical expertise to be able to use EdbMails for recovery of Exchange database. EdbMails supports Exchange server versions 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003 and Outlook versions 2016/2013/2010/2007. There are also rather extensive filtering options and support for direct migration to Office 365 and Live exchange server in EdbMails


Wow thanks for the help !

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I’ve been looking for something like this for over a decade. Now with the help of this EDB to PST converter from EdbMail, my workflow efficiency has increased TEN FOLD & my bosses love me! Many thanks to the team over at EdbMail. I don’t know what I would have done without this product.


My brain hurts


(06-06-2019, 11:24 AM){GN} Isaac Wrote: My brain hurts

should've seen the thread before rubik shortened it  Monkas

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