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CC Missing


Quality of Life

Description: Logging on this morning, I didn't have access to my CC. I both checked !whatcc and rejoined to see if it just wasn't popping up on the f4 menu.  A_Nobody, the only other person on it, also couldn't find it.

How to reproduce: See that it magically doesn't exist?

Priority: Low


What's the name of your CC? (like when you did !whatcc and could see it)


The point of mentioning that was that it wasn't there when I checked !whatcc


I’m guessing you created it via cc creator and not through sugar tits? Do you happen to have screenshots or anything that could help identify the name of the class?


No, not to my knowledge.


I have no idea what happened to your CC but the file was corrupted somehow. This can happen if someone tries to modify the class in any way outside of the CC editor.
I restored your CC from a backup & you might see it now or by tomorrow's reset. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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