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Best Base Locations

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What would you guys say is the best basing locations?


Waterfall in sewers is pretty good. I also like suburbs if you want to drug farm, but they aren't the most defensible bases. The apartment with the elevator is prob the most defensible/basable area in suburbs but it doesn't have a grow zone.


For Farming meth, I normally use the little 2 window thingy building with the counter. It's really close and only has 1 entrance/exit so it's easy to manage. Low-key asf too so not as many raiders coming your way unless you got printers blasting out of your ass.


That long single door base by the beach has always been a go-to spot for me!



For now


Cinema. Long and narrow 1 way entrance easy to defend.


Best location when it comes down to c4 is industrial, some people dont like industrial because it has 2 entrances and has a little airlock room that people can use for cover. Industrial is 7c4 with enough room for procs, meth, printers etc. 2nd best would be Sewer Waterfall base. It is 6c4 the only downside is that its very wide and hard to build in. Then finally, there are like 7 bases on the server that can be 5c4 like Upper Sewers base, Lower Right Sewers Base, Lower Left Sewers Base, Ghetto Base, Kingdom Base, etc. My Personal favorite spot to base is Church. You have tons of room for procs, printers, meth, etc. Plus you have a harvest zone and trees/rocks you can harvest while waiting on your procs. Church is a very hard spot to build but if done correctly you can easily defend off raiders. 


What the fuck is that font...


sewer area has the best bases by far, I would take a look around yourself an see what you like.

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