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Report on Silverduck McStubbins

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Your Steam Name: toeslurper24
Your ingame name: toeslurper24
Your Steam Profile/SteamID: STEAM_0:0:47599933
Who are you reporting? (Name, Steam ID & Discord ID if possible): Silverduck McStubbins, STEAM_0:1:476803694, ?Jay/Duck?#1276
Evidence: I gave a TOTAL loan of 14 MILLION DarkRP to Silverduck McStubbins and he did not follow the agreements or contracts provided and did not pay me back. He is now banned for mass RDM and cannot pay back his loan (due tonight by the way). He took the loan is two diff payments. Screenshots provided. Report valid under MOTD rule :
  • Failure to pay back a loan from a NON-VIP player will not be considered scamming. VIP Users will still be held accountable for their loans. That means that you, as the Loaner, should not be trading with new players. Trade and give loans to VIPs ONLY .



LOAN LOG: Silverduck - 14 mil due by next MONDAY 15.50 MIL 7.50 MIL - 2.7[/url]

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Lol. He is banned for a week, and I DMd you about this already.


EDIT: User will pay you back when his ban expires. Rule change came in effect, and Toe and I came to an agreement in DMs.

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