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Minecraftguys ban appeal

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(06-11-2019, 04:59 PM)Zedward Wrote: Hello Minecraft. I appreciate you submitting the appeal. Let me explain from my perspective for everyone.

Minecraft who is a bounty hunter, has been reported by TrustWorthyDemon who at the time was also a bounty hunter. Trust reported Minecraft for RDM, and shortly after I accepted the sit request and teleported Trust and checked on everything. Trust tells me that he killed him for no reason as a bounty hunter and I looked in the logs to see if a bounty has been completed on Trust. The logs does not show a bounty completed on Trust at the time of the death in question, so I teleport Minecraft and ask him for his reason for killing Trust. Minecraft has told me it was for a bounty. That is the first thing he said and insinuated during the whole sit which lasted 10 minutes because of me checking the logs nearly 5-6 times. I could not find it and I did not want to believe my initial thoughts of Minecraft  RDM'ing Trust in revenge / retaliation because of what happened before involving them two.

I went against my intuition and instead of potentially giving Minecraft a warn for revenge RDM, I thought it might be more fair if I ask him to give me a screenshot if it can help him in this situation. He gives me a screenshot with logs show that he did in fact had completed a bounty on Trust and even got XP for it. I dismissed the sit and even laughed quite a bit because the chances of the logs wonking out at the perfect time to make it seem Minecraft shot down Trust only for revenge/retaliation. I send him a PM and thanked him so much spending almost 4-5 minutes uploading the screenshot to steam and proving to me that situations like this CAN happen and especially when you believe it couldn't. To be fair, I was expecting a happy response from him dodging a punishment for something he didn't do, or atleast a "np". Strange..

I thought something was up. I looked at the screenshot and compared the staff teleport commands shown and looked for them in the ulx logs. Okay, after finding the timestamps of the ULX commands I have discovered that the screenshot show logs that were 35 minutes before the death event from which Trust has reported. I teleport Minecraft back and let him know that I found discrepancies with the screenshot he gave me. He tried to plead ignorance / being maliciously compliant. I pretty much let him know that is unacceptable to try to deceive staff and that he could get a lengthy ban. I did mention one week but I believe it isn't in the punishment guidelines so my final decision was a 3 day ban.

You said you had a bounty on him. The logs don't show that. You give me an irrelevant screenshot and plead ignorance. Okay even if you do have a mental disability or zero perception of what context is, that would still not prove your innocence in RDM'ing TrustWorthyDemon. We are literally back at step 2 where you need to prove/support your claim of you having a bounty on TrustWorthyDemon which does not show up in the logs. You almost spent too much time pleading ignorance when you still have not explained why you killed him. Even though there is no doubt in my mind you RDM'ed TrustWorthyDemon and tried to trick me in sitland, I will be open and allow the ability for you to persuade me for this not to be the case.

To make sure no one is confused, let me be very clear on the screenshot portion. If a bounty hunter completes a bounty it will show up in the logs. Minecraft killed someone and claimed it was a bounty which does not show up in the logs. Either he is lying or there was a failure in the logs.

You literally asked me if I had a bounty on him, I said yes. You didn't ask when the bounty was. I thought you meant the bounty earlier that's why I showed you that screenshot.
And plus, "plead ignorance"? Dude I have like 10 warns I take my punishments if I know I'm in the wrong. This was an honest mistake, I was not pleading ignorance, I really had no idea what you were talking about.

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Please try to give a fruitful response against the points I have made that lead to you getting a 3 day ban. 

Let me give you a scenario.
Manager asked me why I was absent from work and told her I was sick and when she asks me to prove it, I give her a doctor's note. She later finds out that the doctor's note is from 5 years ago. Wouldn't it be reasonable for her to think I lied to her fucking face? Even if I was completely brain dead and thought she meant at any moment in time I was sick, it will still not prove that I had a justified reason to be absent from work that day. It would almost make me look like a completely dishonest person and made the situation worse. Wouldn't you think it would be better if I had just told her that I didn't feel like coming in today? Just like it would be better if you didn't try to trick me with that phony screenshot and just admit it was RDM? My manager would literally just write me up instead of trying to get me fired. Just like I would have given you a warn instead of giving you a 3 day ban.


Lol after we figured out it was a mishap I tried to explain and you kept yelling at me? I didn’t even get a chance to say yes I accidentally RDM’d him. I would of if you gave me the chance because obviously I’d rather have a warn. But no you literally just kept saying I lied. Then you banned me, I’m pretty sure I was mid sentence too of trying to say something.

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You tried to deceive me. Deception only requires misrepresentation of the truth. You don't need to lie to anyone to deceive them. You tried to deceive me by giving a really misleading screenshot as false evidence that you hinted as support for the first statement of saying it was a bounty. Keep in mind, you still have not explained why you killed him or why you said it was a bounty and it not showing up in the logs.

You also had plenty of chances to explain yourself. That sit was atleast 10 minutes and not once did you try to correct yourself or attempt to correct the information floating around that you knew were to be untrue.

Also, when I TP'ed you back into the sitland to give you the 3 day ban: It was not to give you another chance to explain yourself, it was more out of formality and courtesy. You already had explained yourself during the initial sit as mandatory per staff guidelines. So that means if I TP'ed you away, I would not be required to say anything to you after the moment you sent me that misleading screenshot. Though, I informed you anyways.


Whatever dude, I’ll wait my 3 days, but I know I’m in the right so it doesn’t really bother me.


Closing this, see you in a few days, Minecraftguy.

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