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An apology from Rolex.


As some of you know, I am the Co-owner of Rolex, partnered with my good friend ToeSlurper. 
We are backed up by several great officers and dedicated members that know the grind!
Recently we have been involved a few incidents, and want to use these as an opportunity to improve what we do. While we are undeniably one of the top gangs on the server, there is room for growth and  improvement! 

 We are finding it's not necessarily the gang activities (raiding, kidnapping, etc...) that is damaging our reputation, but mostly being overly aggressive in our communications. As such, we have discussed being responsible in using the voice and text chat, as well as on the forums.
In addition, we have all agreed to show staff respect, even in situations we don't necessarily agree with. We will voice our issues in a responsible manner and not instigate situations that can be remedied.
In turn, we hope that staff will consider our discussions in an objective manner and not hold past transgressions against us.

We have spoken to every member and made them aware that we are on a mission to patch up our relationships with those interested in doing so. 
I'm sure there will be people we still  don't see eye to eye with... But for those willing to come to Toe or I and have civil discussions, we will make every attempt to remedy a negative situation involving any Rolex member.     
TitsRP is our home and we love it! Our hope is that this post will stimulate positive conversation regarding how we (and other gangs) can move forward and use our strengths to benefit the community.

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<3 From all of US at Rolex to all of you on TitsRP, we love you! I LOVE YOU!


Well said.


Looking forward to hearing people say, "Hey, rolex is a good gang."

Hope this turns out well


pretty well said urban cant wait to start playing with you again when im unbanned


Hope to your change in a couple of weeks.

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Let’s see that improvement !


Lets see it boys! Hopefully you guys stick with it and get your reputation on the server better!

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