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Report On Mugen


Your Steam Name: SpeedyRebel
Your ingame name:SpeedyRebel / Speedy Rebel
Your Steam Profile/SteamIDhttps://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198280609578/
Who are you reporting? (Name, Steam ID & Discord ID if possible): This is REQUIRED. You can get their steam ID easily by pressing TAB in game and right clicking on their name. Mugen (Could not get his steamlink or ID As i do not believe he is called mugen on steam and he is not in game at the time of the report being made or in the titsrp steam community group as mugen i know no other alias he goes by)
Reasons why you are reporting: These are screenshots of Mugen threatening me with a video he possibly lied about having to blackmail and threaten me to be quiet about a raid we just did on his gang member as i said "It was a good raid" in ooc and he dms me these threat messages (see first screenshot link) He said this to me in dm's this is not a broken rule as we were not transporting entities and were not being raided at the time of the despawn (he was invisible with charple model ran inside and killed us all when the dupe was repasted beside the point though im not bothered about the kill it was the threats to focus on). He then denies all calls of having said these things to me therefore lying to me and avoiding his rulebreak and targeted threats and blackmail as shown by the screenshots here (see in order of post see both other screenshots before continuing)  these screenshots show mugen lying about threatening me and trying to blackmail me to be quiet and i would like some form of action to be taken on the situation as it was very unnecessary and i was very annoyed that he threatened me and attempted to blackmail me this is a very bad thing NOBODY should ever be threatened like this and especially not blackmailed
Evidence: Post videos, screenshots, anything that can help. If you don't have any evidence, tough luck: 


Black Mailing???

Manipulative actions???

Huh. Can't wait for the response for this.


Before anyone thinks I have some hate-boner for Mugen now or something, this was nothing but a response to a neutral log request from a staff member. Kind of wish the logs were posted without my name attached. But uh, yeah, I would've combed through logs for anyone who came to me with a report of blackmail. That's all, thanks.

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I mean you say I harassed you but all I said is “it was a good raid” after we raided your friend local priest in not sure or in control of what Zer0 or Aqua said afterwards to you I don’t own them and just because they are in my party and we are raiding together doesn’t mean if they harass someone I have because until you spoke to me THREATENING me that was the first thing I said to you other than trying to buy our stuff back from you but I declined the offer. I don’t see in any way how you can see” I have a video of you undoing the base to get in and out, the staff wouldn’t like to see a tmod doing this would they , so I’d be quiet” as not a threat and blackmail I still wish to persue the blackmail and threat because there is no way that cannot be blackmail and threat just like to add that you say it was a 3v1 to pull sympathy and we didn’t even raid your base it was just your gang and party member and you didn’t even show up to the raid until when you threatened and blackmailed me and don’t try to pull the sympathy card it is not going
To work seems as it can’t be a 3V1 while you have about 4 other Rolex members in OOC including yourself and local priest maybe damned one even but I’m not sure on that one


This was not actually two weeks ago it was literally 4 Days ago and it did very much seem as blackmail as you dont just say Be quiet or the staff see a video and have that not be blackmail


None of the screenshots really show anything as the second and third screenshot are screenshots of useless chat and the first one was a copy pasted dialouge in discord. (which couldve had messages changed to fit the means of this report. However it seems mugen agrees to him saying the messages in the first screenshot so there is no reason not to believe the messages. My question to you speedy is why did you only get mugens messages and not yours or your partys?

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If you saw the second and third screenshots I did get what I said to him and for the first screenshot I could only get the owner to get me logs of a specific person not all the logs or it would take him a few hours because it is all the logs from reset including buying armour and stuff and why do I care what my party said I’m not the people in my party I don’t even know what they said I went to bed after the threat that’s why I had to get the owner to find me the logs why would I get my party’s logs firstly I’m not in control of them so I don’t see why I’m held accountable for them I don’t see everything put in chat especially when I’m OFFLINE and secondly I’m not reporting them so why would I make the owner look for messages of my party that I don’t even know exist or are not even relevant to my report and even if they did say something why is it an excuse to threaten and blackmail me I don’t know what they say to other people I’m not watching chat every second so why is a party members actions any defence to harass and blackmail someone I’m not guilty for what they said if they said something that’s up to them what they put.


What exactly are you reporting Mugen for? By that I mean, what is the outcome you see fit for him? It seems this is a report for harassment, but I myself wouldn’t consider this harassment. This is a single incident where the two of you disagree in every way about what happened and when. Harassment is generally where someone persistently attacks you, follows you around, etc more than one and will not stoped when asked. I’m not saying what mugen said in PMs is right, but I wouldn’t consider it a punishable offense when you can easily avoid him and block all communication. 

I wouldn’t be concerned with what someone says they have a video of me doing it I haven’t done anything wrong. 

Im going to leave this open for a bit in case there is any more information you want to add.


I did not file a report for harassment it was blackmail and threatening???


I don’t see the point of this report to be completely honest. I wouldn’t say mugen broke any rules with what he did. It’s not like he’s harassing you or anything. It just seemed like a passive aggressive convo and that was the end of it.

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