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New Hacker Computer


As it currently stands, hackers don't really have much to do in terms of gameplay. They get the hacker phone, but they can't make money with it very easily. I have been working on an addon specifically for TitsRP based around the game Uplink (To get a better idea of the game, click here). Uplink is a game that was released in 2003, and revolves around hacking as it is depicted in Hollywood. I thought it would be the perfect game to recreate in gmod in a way that makes it work with the DarkRP play-style. Like with other job-specific entities, you will able to buy the hacker computer from the F4 menu. It will be about the size of one half of a processor. You will be able to complete missions within the computer for a reward (most likely just DarkRP$). In Uplink, the game this is modeled around, you are able to get traced if you're not quick or careful enough. To make this aspect of the game more interesting, the Security Specialist will be able to see hackers who have been traced successfully (think like how spawn of heck can see his/her target). That way security specialists can do more than un-hack the vehicle scrapper over and over.

Planned Features:
  • Responsive GUI that works with all sizes of screens.
  • Low-impact on both the client and server.
  • Smooth integration with existing mechanics (crafting, pickup boxes, etc.)
  • Upgradable hardware, like the real game, with dynamic models to show upgrades.
  • Quick access 3D2D panel (similar to printers/processor)

The reason I am making this thread now, is that I've already started working on this project, and have finished a bunch of the core mechanics (GUI Layout, DarkRP integration, Server/Client network protocol). I don't want to keep working on this project with the specific features for TitsRP if you guys wouldn't be interested in it. If not, I'll just sell it on the gmodaddons website, idk.

I will be editing this thread later today with some screen shots of the progress I already have, just want to gauge the response first to see if that's even necessary.


Cant wait to see it, Seems like something I would just afk farm for hours for.


Sounds like a great addition to the Hacker job, hopefully it gets implemented soon!


Yes! Can’t wait to see some progress. Keep us posted.


I would love to see this integrated into TitsRP, seeing as to how once you gain a certain level of wealth/etc you don't have much else to do.  This would be great.


is this still a thing? Because it sounds awesome!

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