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Map Of Downtown


Someone close and delete all these posts so this can be somewhat a map


You just summoned blacnova by bumping an old thread. I can hear him now, running to his computer to warn you.


I mean, normally I would, but I warn if a thread is unnecessarily bumped. This guy has a reason, I just can't understand what it is. What exactly do you mean by "so it can be somewhat of a map"?


RIP THE NEW MAP IS COMMING OUT XD you did a very good on this mydude

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(07-24-2017, 02:53 PM)Dylan Klebold Wrote: RIP MY ANUS, MY DAD IS CUMMING  XD he did a very good job inside of  me

True, also the new map is pretty nice too, cant wait for them to add the machine gun emplacments to the pd and the strip club.

(12-14-2016, 04:37 PM)Diddles The Drunkraccoon Wrote: I hope i can find my respected rank on the new map. Well anyways i am going to play dota 2 because it much better then league of trash.

Yes, maybe you will find you rank someday.

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(12-30-2015, 02:45 AM)Noval Wrote: Erm... Thanks? I was hoping it was going to be a poll up my ass for a change.

Yes i would like there to be  a strip club on the subway as well, i think Gallium31 the map maker said there would be one on the subway.


(06-06-2016, 07:41 PM)Mr. President Wrote: -Rock Paper Scissors NPC

I used to play TitsRP for abit before and I remember playing with the Rock Paper Scissors NPC, whenever I returned recently like a week or two ago, I noticed the npc was missing, I miss him, we had fun all the time.

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UPDATE AS OF 4/29/18
  1. Changed the Map Image
  2. Edited some Points of Interests, Descriptions, and Pros & Cons
  3. Added new sections for the new parts of the map (Beach, Forest, The Sewers, Event Area, Spawn Area, Admin Land.
  4. Changed some of the colors


Maybe add color to the entrances to sewers and add a description for it? It would be hard to map it out since its under other districts


Thanks Piklas I didn't know this was the Tits RP Server suggestion thread

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