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My Kermit Model/Me Being a Douche


Any of y’all raid a base with a group of people? Maybe 2 or 3 others max? Imagine If it was more than that? Well I have a story for you. Back when I was in Apex when it was still big. I had friends that I always based with. Names were Birb, Big Bets Q, Piper (JoJo), yepez.mike, and Mogan Freedman and myself all loved raiding. Well we had a system set in place. We would wait for the max player count and then go raiding. The model everyone knows me for (Dark Lord Kermit) is how the model got synonymous with my name. 

We had two separate CC classes called Crackhead and Cunt Flaps and they both used the Kermit model. Imagine being raided by 6 Kermit models at the same time. From my understanding since we also raided the heck out of Gucci at the time (biggest known rivals at the time) we were hated by half the server. Only person from Gucci that could handle all the bs that we threw was A$AP Pinecone. Good friend of mine. 

But yeah. That’s the story of how my model came synonymous with myself. Very early start in playing. As well as how fucked in the head my friends and I were (and probably still are)

Any stories though you guys have that make your model for your CCs popular with your name drop them please. Would love to see how yours got popular with you.


I made a dupe where Big Bets Q used to base and named it after him. And idk where pinecone went but he was a cool guy


Back of industrial? Behind the elevator?


Oh yeah zucc remember when you raided me and I had over 100 procs? Yea fuck u zucc you're the reason I'm poor now


No one:


There isn't a player more associated with a model than Cobaselic and Yulk. Nuff said.


Sheck you have to remember that was a good raid.

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