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Cobaselic Ban Appeal


Your Steam Name: Cobaselic
Your in-game name: Cobaselic
Your SteamID: STEAM_1:0:181834257

Why were you warned/banned?: CC Scamming

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : To be completely honest, everything was a giant mistake. I don't have anything other than that to say. I'm glad to have got Urban Bomber back on the CC before I was gone, so that at least the issue was rectified. I love this server. As most of you may know, I made an alt account under the name Easy Mac and played for a couple weeks, reaching T-Mod before I confessed who I was and walked away from the server. All I can say for that is, I missed the place. I couldn't keep walking around acting like I was somebody else, especially around the good friends I have on the server. I could have been toxic, especially when everybody tries to treat you as a "new player" and act like straight assholes, not knowing who I truly was. It was a real eye-opener of sorts in the way certain people act towards new players. But instead, I spent time helping new players learn their way around the server, took a staff spot and treated it with a level-head and respect, and hopefully made a few people love this server like I do89-. Tit's is like a second home to me. I never had any intentions to harm anybody, in the case of the CC and the alt account as well. The alt account was really to come back and help, all I've tried to do since stumbling upon Tit's RP is help. I love each and every member of the server, I feel as if I thrived on the staff team (on both accounts), and really I just think Tit's is the only place for me on Garry's Mod. Everything else is a shitty knock off. If unbanned, i will have NO control on the CC in question (Godless), and to be completely honest I don't believe I'll ever purchase another CC again. It's just a headache in general and something I don't want to have to deal with. I understand if some feel I don't deserve another chance, and I'll take that for what it is. Just know that the only thing I wanna do is help. I don't wanna come back to play the game, I wanna come back to help the server that I love.
Thank you for your time and consideration, Cobaselic.

Who warned/banned you and for how long?: Console, Permanently 

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Now you see it wasn't like you were trying to scam, more of you were digging a grave for yourself unable to escape it, which if you do get unbanned from this it will be quite difficult to what do your ccs. Now alting on the sever and then becoming staff EXTREMELY hinders the chances of this getting accepted, I'd say if you didn't alt I'd be on board with your unban, but for now I'm not %100 sure what I think of this.

EDIT : I've taking things into consideration and read what other staff members had to say, you had no ill intent in hurting anyone or wronging doing people and just wanted to help, well some people may disagree with me here, but now I personally believe you should be unbanned. 

+1 for unban

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Honestly with Canadian. I like ya man. But coming on an alt then becoming staff when you were perma banned is kinda bad. I’m somewhere in the middle on this. I want to say +1 but at the same time I don’t. As for the moment before I can come to any conclusion given the circumstance I’m Neutral.

I have come to a final say in this. Personally you didn’t do too much bad in the terms of alting. You even owned up to it and left without making an ass of yourself, and you told us and didn’t make it to where we had to figure it out. You also from my understanding didn’t break any rules or wasn’t mingey from what I remember. I’m +1 with one exception. Your CC is fully deleted and if you want to start a new one start fresh.

Your CC Scamming wasn’t intentional and it put you into a corner that you literally couldn’t get out of. For that I say never sell your CC as permanent slots or in general.

One last thing. If you ever alt like that again I will see that you’re not unbanned the next time. 


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I dont know why people find "loving the server" a justifiable reason to be unbanned. You came back as an alt which is already WAY bad enough, then you proceed to become a Tmod with it as well. As good as a person you may be and as much as you connected to the community, you still had multiple chances to stop before going to far, you knew for a fact that alting was going to get you in more trouble if you got caught. 

You could've made a ban appeal earlier on, but you alting while on a permanent ban is a horrible idea. It just dug your hole way deeper. I am going to go with neutral for the only fact being you confessed who you were and that we didnt have to find out who you were on our own.

(+/-) Neutral

Ive made a decision, ill go with a +1 for an unban but if you're ever banned again please dont go alting, that almost always digs the hole deeper for the person.

+1 for Unban


I love this server so much that im going alt to avoid a ban

-1 Just go find another community to play in for 6 months then come back.


Admitting to going to alt not a smart move thereZ



I trained you unknowingly as a TMOD on your alt, and I don't think you're a toxic as a player. But at the same time, you did still alt to avoid a ban which is a big no-no.



Yeah he made a mistake,  we all do. Nobody is perfect, yeah he shouldn't have used an alt but let's be real for a second. He got on an alt and helped the server out instead of being a mine and hurting the server. I honestly think he deserves a 2nd chance. It would be one thing if he had a history of being a minge/scammer but he doesnt.

+1 for unban


Everyone deserves a second chance. Others have stated the 'good' that came out of the situation. Mistakes were made, I'd be willing to let you play again. Staff is out of the question for you in the future however



It really sounds like a genuine apology, but alting on the server? That's something entirely different, honestly for the sole reason of using an alt to avoid a ban I have to

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