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Reporting of Tuss & lolokop

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Your Steam Name: hubba ( STEAM_0:0:53048330 )

Your ingame name: hubba bubba

Your Steam Profile/SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/jayalt

Who are you reporting? (Name, Steam ID & Discord ID if possible): This is REQUIRED. You can get their steam ID easily by pressing TAB in game and right clicking on their name.

I'm reporting Tuss STEAM_0:0:176623576 ) and lolokop STEAM_0:1:156727709 ). I'm reporting these two for FailRP, and Targeting.

I was in a party with Saiah, Malthous and Wolfy. Malthous and Saiah raided Tuss and lolokop around 21:59 Server Time, won the raid and proceeded to take their printers and processors. Sometime after the raid, both of them switched to CP, lolokop as a SWAT Medic, while Tuss switched to a SWAT Sniper. Tuss decided to warrant our base for "printers", afterwords they both breached inside our base with battering rams, and proceeded to destroy our entities, we had about 18 processors and 10 large printers with minis and all that other stuff. We took this into a sit, where he claimed to have heard our printers being refilled. We decided to test if we can hear the printers from where they called the warrant, and discovered that it wasn't possible to hear. Due to having no evidence at the time, he was released without punishment and we rebuilt our base.

Less than an hour after the first events took place, they switched to CP and tried to warant our base again but the mayor wasn't accepting them, so they decided to demote the mayor and immediately set a warrant on our base for "Printers & Processors", which all was captured from Saiah's perspective in the video located below. Saiah proceeded to kill both Tuss and lolokop after they breached the first doors to our base.

About 30 minutes after the second event took place, Tuss decided to come back to our base and sit idle at our front door as a SWAT Sniper. We assumed he was waiting around listening for a reason to warrant us once again, so Saiah used "!spectate" on Tuss, and confirmed that it was him at our front door. All of this can be seen in the video provided below.

Rubik said that this should be brought to the forums, I also thought it would be more appropriate due to the fact this has been happening repeatedly.

Evidence: Post videos, screenshots, anything that can help. If you don't have any evidence, tough luck.

( Saiah's timezone is 1 hour behind Mine. )

The first warrent for printers.
22:15:50 Officer Tuss warranted Malthous (STEAM_0:0:53994526) (KuulKid) for printers
23:24 - Mayor Demotion and raid attempt
https://streamable.com/7bw02 ( Mayor demotion vote at 0:03, Mayor demotion at 0:21, Warrant placed at 1:17 )

Log Evidence of Tuss calling the demotion.

Logs of Saiah killing both Tuss and lolokop.
 - Tuss sitting "idle" outside of our base.
https://streamable.com/3f3p0 ( Tuss is spectated in this video )

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Watching the videos and looking at screenshots that are shown here I can say without a doubt that tuss and lolokop is literally trying to find reasons to get into your base. Literally waiting outside someones base just to hear the faint sound of someone restocking a printer is just petty in my opinion and they should fuck off to somewhere else

+1 For Punishment


If Tuss and Lolokop heard printers they can warrant. Just because, like Akumi said, they were sitting there doesn't make it not ok.


Agreeing with my fellow staff member, this is clearly showing Minge Behavior. This should NOT be the way you RP. I could probably understand the first CP raid, due to metagaming, however, I HIGHLY doubt they would know exactly when you got printers. And sitting outside the base just waiting for a reason to warrant. I will also be giving a positive for a punishment. Perhaps a warn for FailRP | Minging.

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We demoted Judge Gabe for not taking warrants, not the mayor.

Also, I don't understand the FailRP part. Could you please explain how Lolokop or I FailRPed? I am slow sometimes, sorry.


(07-10-2019, 12:23 PM)13g of lasagna Wrote: We demoted Judge Gabe for not taking warrants, not the mayor.

Also, I don't understand the FailRP part. Could you please explain how Lolokop or I FailRPed? I am slow sometimes, sorry.

That's my fault for the confusing Judge Gabe with the Mayor, although that doesn't change your reason for demoting him in the first place. For the FailRP, you cannot sit outside of a player's base as a CP waiting for a reason to warrant them. For the 7-8 minutes you sat outside our door, we chose to go quiet on all printers and procs, mainly to avoid you from warranting & raiding us for the THIRD time. At this point the entire group knew you we're targeting us.


Bruh we left after you put up a no loitering sign.


That still doesnt change the fact that you were waiting outside their base.


but how is waiting outside someones base FailRP?


(07-10-2019, 04:38 PM)13g of lasagna Wrote: but how is waiting outside someones base FailRP?

You clearly had different intentions besides just "waiting" outside of our base, the other two times you've waited outside of our base resulted in you warranting & raiding. And this all happened within the span of two hours.

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