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Banned because of my name


Steam Name: Big Nigher C0ck

in-game name: Big Nigar C0ck

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:153620458

​​​​​​Why were you warned/banned?: Apparently my name was inappropriate because of 'Nigher' and 'nigar' but not 'c0ck'

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : I don't think it's fair, I should have the right to say what I want in my name, I know in the rules it says not to be racist but I'm not my name isn't directed towards anyone and 'Nigher' isn't really a word unless you want to think of it as the hard R or even a slur in the first place. Also the N word straight up was allowed because in Saiah's words "it's okay because it's soft" 

Who warned/banned you and for how long?: Saiah/6 hour ban I believe. I've noticed they've been having some problems with other people as well

Evidence: https://www.titsrp.com/bans/index.php


Denied. Change your name or you will be rebanned.

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