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Warn appeal


Your steam name : GoshImTrippin
Your in-game name: GoshImTrippin
Your SteamID: STEAM_1:1:53320308

Why were you warned/banned?: Warned for failrp
Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : Because i did not failrp, he reported me for switching to CP just to unarrest someone, which i admit was part of it but after i unarrested him i swiched for less than a minute and switched back to cp, i was testing my CC access, and i continued to play CP after that for 4 minutes, looking for people for their bounties, and i was afk during his sit when he reported me so i was unable to defend myself. Sandwich was even warned for RDA afterword too because the person i unarrrested he rdaed 
Who warned/banned you and for how long?: Sheck
Evidence:  You can see that i  switched off for less than a minute to test my CC access, and switched right back to CP to continue playing, sandwich, the person who reported me has had issues with me in the past because he has been told by Sheck eariler today to stop harrasing/minging me, so he only reported this keep in mind like 30 minutes or more after it happened because he knew i was afk at the time, and because he personally dislikes me

[Moderator] Sheck Wes: 10:39:18 Player GoshImTrippin switched from SWAT Enforcer to BeijeDaddis
[Moderator] Sheck Wes: 10:40:15 Player GoshImTrippin switched from BeijeDaddis to SWAT Enforcer
[Moderator] Sheck Wes: 10:43:34 Player GoshImTrippin switched from SWAT Enforcer to Adorable cat

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Suspicious, because you switched to CP, unarrested your friend at 10:39:10 [10:39:10 Officer GoshImTrippin unarrested Zahgrikkras (Chef)], and then 8 seconds later decided to test your cc access. To me it looks like your sole intention was to unarrest your friend.

Trust me, i'm not saying this to be biased, the logs and timing look sus to me.

I sent this to Sheck.


The thing about this though is that you didn't do anything except for unarresting that player while you were a cop if I saw you for example cuff someone else and fine or try to I would of instantly removed the warn and it's also weird how you decided to test your cc access at that very moment.


You admitted to breaking the server rules in this appeal (gg) so this will be denied.

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