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got permed for supposedly crashing the server

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Steam Name: cordnut
In-game Name: cordnut
Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:104331208

Ban reason: "Crashing the server repeatedly"
Why should I be unbanned: I didn't do it.
Ban length and banner: Permanent from Console

Alright.. Let's get into this. This is basically a final attempt to get myself unbanned. I'm sure you guys already know what happened here since basically all the staff are publicly shaming me for something I didn't do. I have zero logs but I'm hoping to DEAR GOD they'll get their heads on straight and show that there is no logs proving that I crashed the server 4 times today. 
Some of the logs you guys may find are the ones from the 9th where I did crash the server. It was on accident  and I even came up front about it to rubik. DMs here: 

As you can see I came up front and it was from Last Wednesday so I assumed everything was alright and that I wasn't in trouble. It was also early in the morning where not very many people were on at the time and I even apologized for it. I joked around saying to keep it on the DL because I'll be demoted or something but obviously this was a joke since I legitimately went to the head admin about it. Now I think that's plenty proof that the 9th was an isolated incident.

For today, I was DMed by rubik. I'll just send screenshots because that'd be easier and more efficient then just explaining it.
Those show our entire conversation before he blocked me. I assumed it was a small misunderstanding at first but apparently you guys actually think I crashed the server today.

For today, I logged on for the first time then the server crashed immediately after. I didn't paste in a single prop before the server crashed, and logs will prove it.
I relogged and went around just spectating suspicious people because I was trying to find the crasher, I even recorded part of it because I thought someone was about to but they didn't.
I went around just PMing Legal about who I think the crasher is and about how DamnedOne was in a call with the admins for a long ass time. I was kind of getting pissed because it was taking so long and I didn't think it'd be that hard to find someone that crashes the server. Logs will back me up on this. I then just left because I got bored and watched some YouTube and ate some pizza. I then got online to see if anything interesting was happened and sold my processors and printers to Legal since I was getting off for the day. I needed to pack for my trip to the beach so I got off and started packing for that. Next thing I know I got out of the shower with Tuss PMing me saying what happened and that I was demoted. I started freaking out since I don't recall do anything. I PMed rubik(as you can see above) in hopes he'll explain. He said "you're busted" or something and I assumed he just thought I was the one who crashed the server. A bunch of arguing and me pleading for them to pull out some logs to show that I did crash the server multiple times today.

From what I'm seeing they're going from an incident of me accidentally crashing the server on the 9th apparently. Currently they told me they are looking through logs to see if they can find anything and so far nothing. I'm just posting this in hopes that this will make things more clear. I'm really hoping I included everything but you can just scroll up in general chat if you want to see the rest. I'll post mine and Tass' DMs below. 


I'm hoping someone can help me out here. TitsRP is literally the only DarkRP server I play. As I speak the server is crashing over and over again PROVING I am not the cause.

EDIT: I'm leaving for my trip to the beach meaning I won't be able to reply to this for a while. PLEASE do NOT immediately deny this and actually give me a chance to explain any logs or arguments you have against me. I promise you I didn't crash the server (other than the time I explained above)

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I appreciate you letting me know about the exploit & I will give you credit for that. 
Now, you knew this could be used to crash the server because you guys successfully crashed us once on July 9th (see pic)

[Image: elVPIVS.png]

Then you come back immediately after the server is back online and start right back up.

ServerLog: "cordnut<404>" say "sh"
ServerLog: "cordnut<404>" say "never happened"
ServerLog: "cordnut<404>" say "lemme test"
ServerLog: "cordnut<404>" say "watch"
ServerLog: "cordnut<404>" say "if it crashes its me"
[AdvDupe2NotifyPaste]  Player: cordnut Pasted File, CRASHEY with, 75 Entities and 0 Constraints.
[AdvDupe2NotifyPaste]  Player: cordnut Pasted File, CRASHEY with, 75 Entities and 0 Constraints.

This guy was a staff member.

Denying this on behalf of the entire community that took a L because of you.


For anyone else that is thinking about trying something like this, we have logs of everything.
We also have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to exploiting or even attempting to crash the server.

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