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Toes False Rep Removal


Your in-game name: Big Toe
Steam IDSTEAM_0:0:47599933
Rep(s) being removed (reason and rating)

2: Anime player model | -1
3: Under a rest | -1
4: WEEB | -1
5: weeb | -1
6: POOP | -1
7: Cool!!!! | -1
8: dwad | -1
9: Got mad cuz I forcedropped him (north bear) | -1

Why do you want said rep(s) removed?: All of these reps are either offensive, or have nothing to do with RP. Some dont even make sense or register in the English language! One of them is a compliment, yet its still a minus! Thanks guys


None of these, except 1(EEEEEEE), fit the requirements for us to remove rep. Sorry man. 

If we clean out your rep, it will consist of ALL meme reviews. Including your positive ones. As for being offensive, I don't see it. If you would like to take the hit, I can delete all EEEEEE and nword reviews.


Rep doesn't have to do anything with RP, Rep is made to be what that person thinks of you and is a personal opinion.

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dwad is a personal opinion?

closing. nvm


Your in-game name: Silverduck Mcstubbins 
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:476803694
Rep(s) being removed (reason and rating):
a blank thing legit nothing written down|+1
^ same thing |-1
a blank thing again|-1
faglord |-1 
and the n word |+1
Why do you want said rep(s) removed?: some are offensive and some are legit nothing


Personally I wear my eeeeeeeeeee and n-word reps with pride


DeathDragon_011 PM me in Discord when you're online and I'll help you out.



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