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Add back judicial jobs and classes kos to each other


I think stupid and weird jobs keep the server alive for some people, well this is a duel suggestion but maybe add back the drummer and guitarist so people can have concerts. Then maybe some more classes kos to each other, ex add a joker class and make Batman kos to them and vice versa, make Satan able to kos Jesus and maybe even remove the killing someone and make them a nonvip class.

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We have a few jobs already that are KOS to each other, such as Bloods vs Crips, Pedos vs Pissed Baby, Sharks vs Deepsea Diver. Maybe a few more would be cool but we need to keep deathmatch on the server to a minimum since some people do like to Roleplay on here. 
The guitar was removed by Sugar I think because it took up a lot of space and resources and didn't really do anything, same with the drums but worse.

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