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Billys beans Ban Appeal


Alright. It does seem like he pd raided as cultist. Im still waiting on what sticks has to say about this.


No i did not at 17:00:49 is about the time i adverted raid
16:59:42 is when I chanegd jobs.

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mate you adverted around 16:31

when i killed you

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I did not advert aroung that time When I adverted i killed the mayor then about maybe 5 or ten seconds later I got jailed and banned

And hold up a nobody is the one who killed me so stop lying.


Ok, so I was just elected as mayor, and I went into my office to see about 9 people in there. I then told them they all had to leave as they were attempting to kill me, and it was counting as a false PD raid. After everyone else left, you sat there and argued to which I said "Leave or you will be warned for a false PD raid". I then unjailed you and you immediately adverted PD raid, right infront of me while inside the vault, and attempted to kill me. I rejailed you and explained why you are going to be banned.
It's only 3 days, read over the MOTD in your absence and come back with a better understanding of the rules.


damn forgot to lock and move it

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