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Report on Big Toe | Equinox is here| and jungle chicken| for rdming


Your Steam Name: Lean
Your ingame name: Lean
Your Steam Profile/SteamIDhttps://steamcommunity.com/id/kinq_boe/
Who are you reporting? (Name, Steam ID & Discord ID if possible):  STEAM_0:1:35809836 (equinox) STEAM_0:0:47599933 (big toe) couldnt get jungles chickens he left the server.
Why are you reporting said player? I got on went to fountain and there were 3 people killing eachother outside of spawn, I tried to direct them to the rdm zone. I dont want any punishment but a talking to about going to the  rdmzone instead of rdming at fountain. I tried asking them 3 times and i got some pretty upsetting answers from equinox and jungle chicken.
Evidencehttps://streamable.com/s6j98(1st video) https://streamable.com/79fwl (second video) https://streamable.com/5ly1p (third video) Watch these videos and it will explain everything. Im pretty disappointed.

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Nice! Good to see all the training was for nothing. I appreciate the report and have taken actions that I feel are appropriate in this situation. 


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