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false ban, lying to player in order to justify ban


Your Steam Name: Proc
Your ingame name: OEM Water Pump
Your Steam Profile/SteamID:
Who are you reporting? Cunt Mcstubbins
[b]Why are you reporting said player?
falsely banned me for RDM. Normally i would chalk this up to a misunderstanding or a mistake but cunt blatantly lied during the sit claiming he was speccing me in 3rd person and not once seen anyone swing a bludgeon at me. Now if he is so sure enough to make this comment, its gotta be true right? nope. It was a complete fabrication to justify his actions against my supposed guilt. This really gets on my nerves because this is the whole reason i even record on this rdm ridden server, but if another player would be in my position, claiming wrongdoing, they would be SOL unless they decide to record too. Which is very rare. 
Evidence: this was recorded with a Game Boy® camera so just close your eyes or something. https://streamable.com/fhuc1

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So right off the bat, 1min into your own video you start getting hostile towards our staff member. I hear you in your video you talking over our staff member and eating your mic instead of hearing him out sometimes.

In your own video you are wrong about bludgeons not doing damage when hit in the back as they do, I just had it tested with Chenfu and AbsorbedHallow and have it on recording.

With the whole lying just to get you banned thing I find hard to believe. Cunt Yeastwood is a trustworthy guy or we wouldn't have made him senior mod.
This could have been completely avoided if you just quickly screen shared or uploaded the video of your POV of him swinging the bludgeon. A staff member can miss something as we are humans as well.

I boil this down to a misunderstanding and you were unbanned. Denied

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