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[Changelog] DarkRP Server

March 9th Changelog
  • Added the new Scoreboard
  • Added the new F4 Menu
  • Added the new Reputation System (earn rewards for being a good boy)
  • Fixed an issue where the armor enchantment on guns would give the person you're shooting armor
  • Fixed the processor not being able to be picked up by the pickup box
  • Fixed an issue where a fishing bobber may go away after it turns green
  • Fixed some Revolt issues
  • Locked the New Guy job under a 24 hour window
  • Printer silencers work for mini printers
  • Removed jobs that flat out don't work (Bank Manager, Bank Guard, Lawyer,King of Drums) until they (may) get reworked
  • Increased performance when around a bunch of weapons
  • Made shipments nocollide with each other
  • Made the radial menu more compact on smaller resolutions
  • If you're a new player and your name is taken it will no longer generate a possible random russian name for you
  • Made it so you can buy Armor on Spawn / Cop / Hitman with Suga Dollas too instead of just DarkRP Cash

March 10th Changelog
  • Scoreboard is autosorted when opened along with some visual tune ups
  • F4 Menu has an indicator for double clicking the box to become the job
  • Fixed being able to open up a persons tab menu if you werent staff
  • Added a confirmation button to banning / kicking someone from the tab menu
  • Added an option to view rep if you werent a staff member
  • Fixed an issue where some CC's couldn't use !ms
  • Fixed a rare gang issue and reputation issue when you loaded in
  • Fixed an issue with the pickup box and processor use
  • Fixed an issue where swapping jobs as the PD commander still enabled all PD voice
  • Fixed a bunch of various minor issues when using the rep system and scoreboard

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March 10th Post Changelog
  • Fixed an issue where hovering over the job in the f4 menu didn't show its color
  • Fixed an issue where sorting players by team may give you an error if the name didn't exist
  • Fixed an issue where you could see some entites which you couldn't buy
  • Fixed CC names and colors not saving
  • Fixed a rare issue where you would be considered a cop on your client as certain CCs
  • Fixed an issue where buying armor on spawn with CC had the incorrect payment amount
  • Shipments are sorted by name
  • Added a spawn protection zone on the ledge on the blue building in spawn

March 11th Changelog
  • Fixed the Mayor Assassin's Model
  • Fixed only having one tree spawn (oops)
  • Fixed not being able to pickup the alchemy table
  • Made it so when you close the F4 menu and re-open it, it will scroll to where you were

March 13th Changelog
  • Made it so when you open and close the scoreboard it will show the last person you clicked on / scroll to them (staff only rly)
  • Fixed a !ms issue where one of the models wouldn't show up
  • Fixed it where the abomination could rampage in events
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't join another event after finishing one

March 14th Changelog
  • Fixed an issue where you were able to inventory event weapons
  • Fixed an issue with claiming shipments from an event
  • Changed the name of the Non Lethal Pistol to the Stun Gun with some added info

March 15th Changelog
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't get money from a Golden Printer
  • Fixed a rare gang war issue
  • Fixed Boomboxes (kinda, this one will cut out songs after 6-ish minutes due to not being able to cache it for that long)

March 16th Changelog
  • Fixed an issue where getting Suga Dollas from XP wouldn't give you the XP
  • Disabled all extra logging (was to check for crashing) as we haven't crashed for 13 days

March 17th Changelog
  • If you're a gang owner you can invite people to your gang using the scoreboard
  • Re-added being able to copy people's information if you're not a staff member
  • Fixed being teleported to spawn when using the disguise swep
  • Scoreboard buttons are sorted by alphabetical order

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