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[Changelog] DarkRP Server

October 4th Changelog
  • Improved load time when loading CC Perm data (CC perm menu will have degraded performance)
  • Improved load time when initializing different weapon sets
  • Fixed 2 shark spawns
  • Fixed an issue where buying a level 25 gang and using talents would leave you at -2 talent points
  • Fixed master stalker spam if you couldn't find a target
  • Fixed a rare issue when completing a quest

October 5th Changelog
  • Fixed an issue where gangs about level 64 would bug out visually
  • Fixed an issue where "Hack The Hack" perk had a 100% chance to work
  • Made adjustments to how the lite c4 works on the Bank Heist Leader
  • Reverted Bank C4 crafting changes
  • Made bunker buster cost more materials to craft

October 6th Changelog
  • Fixed an issue where looting lootboxes spawned in the world didn't work
  • Fixed an issue where quest coins were not being awarded properly
  • Fixed the general buyer quest due to an overflow
  • Fixed an issue where deprecated xp ways were being processed on accident

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October 7th Changelog
  • Fixed a rare UI issue with quests
  • Adrenaline will eat more of your health and put it on a 15 second cooldown
  • Show NLR will bring you to the first skeleton
  • Shark does more damage and moves faster & is more forgiving when stepping out of the water
  • Pets, Crabs, Sharks cannot drive cars
  • Unfun now requires 30% down from 35%
  • Made it so sits stay on the screen sit on the screen longer and can be adjusted with console command adminsit_time
  • Made it so staff can build in spawn
  • C4 now has a 22% bigger radius
  • Fixed an issue where you may not spawn in the ocean as a shark or crab
  • Bounty Hunter weapon world model isn't a gun
  • Unmounted the Police K9 Model to prevent inaccurate hitbox
  • Should have fixed the event zone of death killing people outside of the area
  • Fixed an issue where a 35 warn automatic ban was lower than intended

October 15th Changelog (some of this stuff was added over the past few days)
  • Tickrate has been raised to 15 which should make weapons and hit reg slightly better
  • Disabled stocks, do !stocks or talk ot the NPC to get your money back
  • Fixed parcel locations
  • Fixed an issue where players who couldn't pick up weapons could be picked for VIP events
  • Fixed several quests
  • Fixed an issue where there was only 69 perks
  • Fixed a rare issue when buying ammo
  • Fixed a rare issue when dropping an inventory item
  • Made it so Master Chief is reconized as a cop when siding with CP (hopefully)

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