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[Changelog] DarkRP Server

(This post was last modified: 04-11-2019, 07:41 PM by rubik.)

April 11th Changelog
  • Fixed an issue where new players couldn't join the server unless they had already downloaded the map from workshop.
  • Squashed a few more stinky ERRORs and found some models that were missing from the workshop collection.
  • Subscribing to our workshop collection will decrease load time but should no longer be required to join.

April 14th Changelog
  • The donation store is back. TitsRP.com/shop
  • Fixed ziggs buggin out again.

April 15th Changelog
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the server from giving Sugar Dollars from the donation store.
  • Updated the !workshop link to the new collection. (everything should still download automatically when you join)
  • Fixed a issue with the forums where you would not be able to type out threads and long replies on iOS & Android.

April 16th Changelog
  • Added back the vaper job for VIPs with a new vape shop employee model.
  • Fixed a issue where a specific gang could level up beyond 70.
  • Made some minor improvements to different job mechanics.
  • Trying our a new method for importing custom player models that should speed up load times. If there are errors for anyone I will revert back to the old way.

April 17th Changelog
  • Vaper guy has a new name and fixed model. He can buy juicy vape singles to sell.
  • Removed some models from the server that had missing textures.

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