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[Official] Moderator / Admin Guidelines

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Staff Guidelines

The Do's:

DO be respectful and relatively professional during sits and RPing, no one likes an immature moderator/admin
DO help people with any questions they have an attempt to be the first one to a sit all the time, this will be noticed and you may get promoted
DO respect other people’s privacy. Spectating them or teleporting to them constantly is a big NO
DO listen to both sides of an admin sit and use logs to your advantage
DO ask for admin/mod help if you're unsure what to do or how to punish people
DO use common sense. Banning people for 2 weeks because they had 4 fading doors instead of 3 is a big NO
DO ignore sits with the ignore button if it does not follow the "Sit Guidelines"
DO go to sits that follow the "Sit Guidelines"
DO be a positive role model. Our players look up to you guys. Acting like children will get the players to act like children.

The Do Not's:

DO NOT abuse no-clip. This is the fastest way to get demoted. Flying away for RP reasons and flying into bases or anything else is not tolerated. You will be demoted swiftly if there is any report
DO NOT warn people for 3 different reasons if they broke three different rules in one act. 1 warning will do and they should learn from it. If they don't warn them again
DO NOT ban/kick people for RP reasons. Ex) Billy Bob raided Sugar's house and Sugar got angry and banned him for 2 hours for some bullshit reason
DO NOT compensate people with money or guns unless you're running a charity. You will not refund your money or guns because there are no logs for that
DO NOT unban people unless you banned the wrong person. Message an S-Mod, Admin or higher immediately if you need someone unbanned for another reason. They will check to see why they were banned
DO NOT think you're above the rules. You're not and you're going to make yourself look stupid if you think you can do special RP things since you're staff
DO NOT teleport or bring other staff without messaging them first. This goes along with respecting their privacy. Message them in admin chat, discord, or steam first
DO NOT ban or kick other staff unless they go rogue for whatever reason. Message a head admin or higher immediately if this happens
DO NOT cause GMOD drama. Sugar is a server owner, not a babysitter. Talk with the other person and resolve it or Sugar will resolve it by demoting you both. There is no mercy for childish drama.
DO NOT talk or act like a child. If you have the constant need to be obnoxious in OOC, make fun of other players or use words like "fgt" or refer to things as "cancerous" then you will be demoted.
DO NOT break our own rules. As a staff member, you're teaching the rules, not breaking them. Even one slight minor mistake can have you demoted.
DO NOT use staff tools for your own amusement. This includes /forcerpname for yourself or your friends on the Server or Discord.
DO NOT use staff tools on players unless you're involved in a sit.

Tips and Tricks
ULX Menu: bind g "ulx menu"
Noclip: bind v "ulx noclip"    
Server Logs: /slogs in chat or bind t “slogs” in console

Command List

Chat/Console Commands

!noclip;ulx noclip - Used to noclip in sitland ONLY
!xban - Used to ban players with the menu it brings up
!warn - Used to warn players when they do something wrong
!sit - Used to go to sitland
!thetime - shows the time in OOC - useful before reset to help other players
!nolag - Freezes all server props - used to stop lag or prop spammers
shownlr - Shows death positions  - useful in NLR sits and crossfire sits
!menu;ulx menu - Brings up a menu with the commands listed below
!gigamute - Gags and Mutes the player that this is used on - useful for racist/vulgar people

Menu Commands

gigamute - Gags and Mutes the player that this is used on 
cpban - Stops the player from being any CP job  - used in NLA cases
mute - Stops the player from using text chat - useful for people spamming local chat or being racist - use Gigamute most of the time
gag - Stops the player from using voice chat - useful for people being racist - use gigamute most of the time
ban - bans the player selected for the time selected - used to ban people committing extreme offenses
kick - kicks the player selected - used to kick vulgar people - useful for racist/vulgar people
spectate - spectates the player selected - used to spectate prop spammers, hackers, people farming with a building sign, etc.
bring - brings the player selected - used to bring people to a sit
goto - goes to the player selected - used to goto prop spammers, mrdmers that are jailed, etc.
return - returns the player selected - used to return players after a sit
send - sends the player selected to the other player selected
teleport - teleports the player selected to you
jail - jails the selected player at their current location - Can only be used when they are alive
jailtp - jails the selected player and brings them to you - Can only be used when they are alive
stopvote - stops a current vote kick/ban - use this only when staff are on and a player makes a vote

Spectate Menu Commands

Strip - Strips the weapons from the selected player - useful for MRDMers but mostly just use jailtp
Set Team - Sets the job of the selected player - Useful for people that jobs get glitched or someone breaks a rule 

Guideline Links


I hope you guys follow these rules. It’s really just common sense but I found that 95% of the people who play DarkRP seem to lack it. Not following these rules will get you either banned or demoted without question. With that being said, don't be afraid to message me with suggestions to add to this thread and I hope you guys can provide a fun and RDM free experience on our server.


added two don't
  • DO NOT use staff tools for your own amusement. This includes /forcerpname for yourself or your friends on the Server or Discord.

    DO NOT use staff tools on players unless you're involved in a sit.

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