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[Template] Posting Bugs / Exploits

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Follow this template when posting a bug or exploit. A lot of people seem to think I know when something is broken but then when they mention it once, it magically gets fixed by the next reset. Coincidence? I think not!

Bug / Exploit / Quality of Life


How to reproduce:

Priority: (High, Medium, Low)

Examples of each, note all of these are just examples and don't actually exist


Description: Using stealth camo doesn't make you invisible

How to reproduce: Try turning invisible with stealth camo

Priority: Medium


Description: Admins can dupe money and weapons

How to reproduce: Use advanced duplicator on a weapon or cash when you're an admin

Priority: Extremely high

Quality of Life

Description: The PD spits out 2 shipments, it should be more

How to reproduce: Raid the PD, it only spits out 2

Priority: Low

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