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Happy New Years Everyone, Server highlights

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I just wanted to highlight some of the major events of 2016 on this server (I tried to put in order, but it was difficult to remember):
  • Evocity (Lasted only a couple of weeks)
  • Caused the server to have an average of 15-35 people on thee server
  • Back to downtown
  • Slowly increased player population
  • New rules, such as only 2 adverts are needed for the server
  • Parcel system
  • Drug growing and harvesting
  • Start of the event system then was forgotten for a while
  • Clothing System
  • Shelves
  • Fine system for the CP with Non-lethal
  • Gang update
  • Homeland security update (Crafting, chopping trees, Mining, and Chemical Barrels)
  • NPCs
  • Boombox rework x10
  • Lightsabers getting removed and then readded latter on
  • Weapon Modifier
  • CW Weapons and attachments
  • Event System - The comeback
  • CC Editor/CC maker
  • Stock Market
  • Rework on admin calls
  • Lots of new staff commands and lost staff commands
  • Lots of jobs that got reworked and added
  1. All the Halloween jobs
  2. Music Jobs
  3. Hazmat (Ebola system)
  4. Detective rework
  5. Lawyer (Rework, Kinda)
  6. Bounty Hunter
  7. Bank Manager/Bank Guard
  8. Mercenary
  9. Weapon's Modifier
  10. Undercover Cop
  11. Solider 76
  12. Swat Commando
  13. Mayor's Assassin
  14. Reinforcer
  15. Hacker

  16. Vaper
  17. Doge
  18. Dat Boi
  19. Alien Race
  20. Mafia
  21. Alien Race
  22. And A couple more (More towards the beginning of the year)
  • Staff that come and go
  • Staff that got promoted to the top
  • Staff that got demoted
  • Staff that resigned
  • Staff that disappear
  • Thankful for everyone that donated towards the server to keep it running
  • People that hit 50 warns #ScoRPsto50
  • LOTS of Optimization towards the server
I think we should all be thankful for having such an amazing server owner that literally codes every single thing for the server...
Even though, this server isn't "SeriousRP," One of my favorite things to do is log on the server each day and interact with each and everyone of you guys.  I am pretty sure that is the same with other people as well.
Now the server is close to maxing out everyday and the community is actually a lot better where it was a couple months ago.

I believe I hit everything, if not... Leave a comment bellow....

Some videos that help make this year a great one:
Credits: Mr.President, Blacnova, Neko Sam

Also credits to: Tajj and Gazooks for the rapping


I've only been here for like 1/8 of the year but I will be prevalent in 2017


I was going to make a thread about this with a cool info-graphic but you made the thread so you saved me some time. Here is what I have:

Since 12/31/2015 we:
  • Gained Sugar as an actual developer and not some owner who presses F5 on scriptfodder for the next coolest addon
  • Had 177 documented changelogs with 50+ other undocumented changelogs which is around 1 update every 2 days (documented)
  • Improved server performance enough to handle 70 players running at 30% - 50% of our CPU usage
  • Improved client FPS by over 2x without multicore-rendering enabled as by this thread https://titsrp.com/showthread.php?tid=63
  • Improved size, went from 2GB to just under 600MB
  • Went to EvoCity with a more serious approach, lost everyone because they dropped 100% of money on death and everyone got rdmed while loading in
  • Implemented an armory and the PD fining system
  • Added a safezone for spawn
  • Implemented vendors that sell VIP, gamble with you and bet against you
  • Implemented my fist real completed script which was the Weed Zones
  • Implemented a full event system with 9 different events
  • Implemented a processor that spits out shipments instead of money
  • Implemented 2 different revisions of printers
  • Implemented harvesting plots along with drug processing
  • Implemented gun shelves, civilian shelves
  • Implemented a clothing vendor
  • Implemented bounty jobs such as the Mercenary, Bounty Hunter
  • Implemented police cuffs, a bounty system and a non lethal m4
  • Implemented a full fledged gang system that was a test of SQL related addons
  • Implemented a crafting and harvesting system
  • Implemented a weapon modification system
  • Implemented a bounty board and PD board to gain armor and see bounties
  • Implemented a daily login system
  • Implemented a parcel system
  • Implemented a new HUD and a new player viewing trace
  • Implemented a recovery system which will help with crashes
  • Implemented a fully fledge anti-cheat codenamed Quad0 which stops 99.99% of all sklids and is 99% more efficient on clientside and serverside resources
  • Implemented CW 2.0 weapons and an attachment vendor that got removed due to lag
  • Added a CC editor and CC maker so I would not get 90+ PMs a day asking to change a drilldo to a spoon
  • Added jobs such as the preacher, spooky alien, pissed baby, picolas cage
  • Added jobs such as chucky, the lurker, jigsaw, santa, michael myers, darth vader, soldier 76, mr sniffy, necromancer
  • Added jobs such as pianist, guitarist, trumper man, drummer
  • Added jobs such as the doge, abomination, magic man, reinforcer
  • Added jobs such as the hazmat, hacker, detective
  • Added back lightsabers and improved their performance by over 90% in both the server and client realm
  • Implemented a kill cam ish type of deal and door stats of the player basing there
  • Implemented stats of a player's time played, kills and deaths
  • Implemented an admin calling menu interface where it will attempt to diagnose silly issues so you don't have to contact us
  • Moved ULX to a SQL format to minimize lag
  • Added the respected rank for people who we can obviously trust
  • Switched prop handing system
  • Went through 2 revisions of boombox reworks
  • Implemented a real stock system for everyone to use
  • Implemented a legacy job system for low effort jobs to be used
  • Removed 90% of all jobs that have no other purpose but to sit there
  • Removed all adverts except for heist and counter
  • Removed voting from most jobs
  • Rewrote unboxing to fix it from clientside exploits
  • Smaller viewmodels have permanent less health and armror
  • Added a million cooldowns to everything such as kidnapping, mugging, raiding
  • Broke and then fixes inventories by moving over to it's own DB
  • Got hacked by a backdoor that wasn't our fault and increased security holes to make sure that would not happen again
  • Someone got into the system by finding a leaked password from a former admin and demaned money to not delete our website, we banned him before he could do anything
  • Had a lot of salty players who caused a serious stir in the community
  • Had a lot of exploits such as the two stock exploits which gave you unlimited money
  • Banned Epsilon, Viax and some other dude for not telling anyone about the exploits and giving out over 300 VIPS
  • Denied 425 moderator applications
  • Accepted 203 moderator applications
  • And of course we have a discord now
I didn't think I would like the discord but sometimes it's really funny. There probably is a lot more stupid stuff that went down but it's all I got. Thanks for good times and hopefully 2017 will be great.




New Year, New Memes.

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May I just kindly point out this one round of Cards Against Humanity? I think it's worth a post.

[Image: f50bcf959d8448738a1be8eff03c0f64.png]I've had some damn good times on this server, I'll admit. Originally joined to Mass RDM with a brick, ended up being a (shitty/okay) trial mod, made some good friends like Fedora, Church, Panda, daddy, Bzerk, Wanted, Shard, and other dumb retards, jokingly threatened Sugar in a PM, then left.

Also, I'd like to shout out Glaze for asking how my "shit server" is in OOC every time I join TitsRP. You are such an immature child it disgusts me.

Thanks everybody.


Good post Cullen. Server had some pretty awesome updates this year, lets see if we can get even more next year ;Wink
(everyone ask for a map change at 12, new year new map) 
all jokes aside yeah this server grew a lot 
we're one of the top known servers. I go on different servers and almost every owner references TitsRP lol like ( how'd they get so popular)


The only thing I am going to change for the new year is my suicidal thoughts. Gotta keep cutting more often.


(12-31-2016, 08:14 PM)Race0pone Wrote: The only thing I am going to change for the new year is my suicidal thoughts. Gotta keep cutting more often.
Not sure if joking or not.

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Get with the time you weebs. It's 2017 over here, you puny Americans are stuck in 2016.

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