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I was warned by the admin/mod The Joker for reason of rdm on Sat, Aug 1st, though I do not recall, whatsoever, being warned, I know that I had not been warned when I was online or in a sit because I currently had no warns before this happened, and I'm honestly really confused as to why it's on there, If I had gotten warned in a sit, I would remember since it's my first warning, and I do not want to be banned/warned/break rules whatsoever because I don't want to even come close to getting banned. If someone could please remove it or tell me the situation it was in, i honestly have no idea why the warn is there. Thank you. :/


Hi I don't know why you where warned but its really not anything to worry about you wont be banned unless you get abunch of warns in a short period.

[Image: pokemon-pokemon-30613443-500-378.gif]


Okay, thank you! I was just worried since I don't want to get anywhere near getting banned, also, would this warn if i were to apply for a trial mod/mod affect my chances of doing so?


You can check the full list of your warns with !warn, and whether or not it affects your standing on the server probably depends on what the warning is.

I warn for just about anything and warnings do expire pretty quickly, so unless you're actually being a nuisance you generally don't need to worry about the auto-kick or auto-ban.

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