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[Changelog] For the DarkRP Server RULES


July 28th Changelog

Added Under Basing Rules:
  • You may not remove a Dupe to bring Entities inside of your base, then replace your Dupe. This is declared FailRP.


July 31st Changelog

Added under Misc. Rules:
  • "During the Kill the VIP, Defend the Vault, and Golden Printer Events, there is no NLR if you are trying to attack/defend the Event (NLR applies to all other situations during these events). This does NOT mean you can continually raid the same base if the Golden Printer is inside it."


August 1st Changelog

Changed Mayor Firing Rule:
  • "Firing your CP for no RP reason is not allowed. This is a RP server please use RP or you may get removed from the job."


August 26th Changelog

Changed Mayor Rules:
  • Added: 
    • Laws can not target an individual group, class, job, or person. Make your laws general, and make them effect the entire town. You can restrict areas of the map, but not force people to be there. 
  • Removed "Hobos must stay underground" from Good laws, replaced with: 
    • The sewers are unsafe and not sanitary, for your own safety, they are off limits.
  • Added to Bad Laws: 
    • Hackers must stay on the beach or AoS


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September 3rd Changelog

Changed Mayor Rules:
  • Added: 
    • You can not make laws that force players to put a specific prop/item in front of their base(or they are raidable, AOS, etc) 
  • Added to Bad Laws:
    • You must have a watermelon prop in front of your base or you are raidable



September 10th Changelog

Changed Basing Rules:

  • Do not abuse non-destructible entities when building your base. This means using them for anything other than their intended purpose. 


September 14th Changelog

Added to General Rules:
  • DO NOT attempt to loophole any rules
Added to Bad Laws:
  • Cops can randomly cuff/stungun/etc. to check for weapons/bounty/etc.
Added to Misc. Rules:
  • Killing someone to save them from being fined/arrested is FailRP


September 18th Changelog

Added to Misc Rules:
  • Destroying your entities during a raid on your base to avoid them being stolen is FailRP.

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