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[Changelog] For the DarkRP Server RULES

(This post was last modified: 10-10-2018, 10:03 PM by Blacnova. Edit Reason: Rescinded addition to advert rules )

October 3rd Changelog

Added to Advert Rules under adverts that exist:
  • You just attacked/cuffed/arrested my party member  rescinded on the October 8th rules changelog
Added to General Rules:
  • To attack a base member while raiding they must be both within eyeshot AND reasonably close to the base
Edited Basing Rules:
  • Building/loitering signs must be size 70 30 or larger, be easily visible, and near the main entrance of the base.
Added to Misc Rules:
  • Lootboxes are considered entities and you cannot open them in a base while building or propblocked


October 5th

Added to Misc. Rules:
  • You may not counter Bank Heists if you are not a cop or in the Bank when the Raid begins, Insurance exists to protect your money.


October 8th

Removed from Advert Rules:
  • You just attacked/cuffed/arrested my party member
When this rule was added a few days ago my intent was not to allow people to advert counter and snipe from across the map. I overestimated players' understanding of what I meant. I simply meant that it could be used as a medium to get across the same message that one would use in local chat. You can only attack a party/gang member's attacker if you are right there.


October 13th

Added general rules:
  • DO NOT switch jobs during a raid or other RP interaction 
Don't switch jobs during RP interactions like being raided, raiding a base, being arrested, etc. It gives you an unfair advantage.
  • DO NOT incite other players to break the rules
This includes things like
  • Making up rules
  • Lying to people about what is allowed
  • Saying a staff member allowed/doesn't allow something when they never said that
  • Saying things like "there's no staff online, mass rdm time!"
  • If a staff doesn't immediately take your sit about prop climb, saying something like "Walter the Assaulter says prop climb is allowed now"

(This post was last modified: 11-20-2018, 12:15 AM by plutori. Edit Reason: Rule changed )

November 19th

Added No category rule:
  • Bots, macros, scripts, auto-clickers, or any other similar external tool, are not allowed to be used.
Upon receiving some feedback, this rule was edited somewhat to the following, since people really like using auto-clicker for armor packs apparently:

Macros / external programs that give you a competitive advantage are not allowed

The main idea here is to not allow something like a script which fires your gun at a faster than intended rate, or a script which lets you have an easier time fishing than anyone else for leaderboards or something.


December 9th

Added Bad/Punishable Law:
  • "Any law where the intent is clearly just to prevent CPs from roleplaying properly, i.e: cops cannot handcuff criminals, or cannot use their stunguns, or all fines are $1 in conjunction with a law stating no arresting, etc."
I wish this wasn't necessary, but it turns out there are a lot of people who just really, really hate CP players, so this WAS necessary.


December 12th

Added Misc Rule:
  • The following 2 actions are allowed without adverting PD raid, so long as you do not engage anyone without them engaging you first (or warning them properly): Jailbreaking and Hackers hacking any of the PD panels, including the one in the Mayor's office. Anything involving breaking through a prop or a fading door is not allowed under this rule, and will be considering pd raiding without an advert. If you wish to pd raid, you will still be required to call pd raid after exiting the pd entirely. If you kill a CP legally under this rule, leave the PD, and then call PD raid, the officer you killed before you called pd raid will not be consider to be breaking NLR if they return to the PD to stop your PD raid, as they died before you called a PD raid.
We want more fun sneaky RP in the PD, and feel these 2 actions aren't something players should be getting reported for. Now, obviously if someone is jailbreaking or sneaking around in the back of the PD, you can go ahead and arrest them for trespassing or whatever, but this should add a little more fun to the PD.


December 13th

Changed Misc Rule: 

  • Macros/external programs/scripts are not allowed.

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