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TheDD Cop Gang Official Recruitment and Informational Thread

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Started March 2017
Informational and Recruitment Info

Welcome to the Official Informational and Recruitment Thread of TheDD. Here you can find all basic information about TheDD and how to become a member.

Gang Level: 54
Status: Open
Population: 134
Specialization: Cops

Who are we?

TheDD(DD stands for Diamond Dogs) is the server's top cop gang filled with passionate PD players who enjoy RPing as the authority of Downtown. We strive to promote good roleplay and just mostly having some casual fun RPing as cops.

Why should you join us?

We are the leading cop gang in the server with a competitive level and vast amount of resources. Our competitive level means many benefits and perks from the gang system for you to make use of during your time in TheDD. TheDD is also quite lax in terms of rules and code of conduct. We don't require you to be active to be in the gang(this might change if Sugar decides to limit the amount of people in a gang) and just require you to be civil and not break Titsrp's rule generally. By joining TheDD, you are joining an organized police force with the roleplaying goal of keeping Downtown in order, a police force that has the resources to expend and the experience to make sure each PD raid is a raid that fails, and a police force that, at the end of the day, wants everyone to have fun roleplaying as a cop.

How does one apply?

Interested CPs are recommended to join our discord(https://discord.gg/rZeJw6G) and apply in the "member_applications" channel for better respond time as most of our officers aren't active on forums and mostly on the Discord. If you don't have Discord, you can use the format below to apply on forum. Do note, we require ABSOLUTELY nothing to join us other than the spirit of roleplaying as PD and a teeny tiny drop of maturity. The information below is just for us to get to know what kind of person you are and you're 99% likely to get accepted if you put some effort on it.

Basic Info

In-Game Name:
Steam Name:
Steam ID/Profile:
Hours on Gmod:

Personal Info

How often are you Active as CP?
Are you interested in Police IRL?
Why do you want to Join TheDD?
How many hours can you be active per week?
What other Groups/Gangs have you been in?
Have you read and understand our policies?


1. You are on Patrol and hear money printer sounds coming from nearby, what do you do and why?

2. You see a subject walking around with an illegal firearm in Public, what do you do and why?

3. You notice a CP helping a criminal/committing crimes, what do you do and why?

4. You find a subject who is suspected of murdering another citizen, what do you do and why?

5. You pass someone on the street and later find out that they have a bounty, what do you do and why?

If you need assistance filling out an application form, please contact one of the officers to assist you with it. If you have medical problems such as dyslexia, we can do a verbal application to accommodate you.

Disclaimer: While there are definitely very incorrect and very correct answers, they will be judged mostly on effort, not on how proper your exact knowledge of the topic is, so do your best. Also Titsrp is a primarily english speaker server and thus we generally don't accept apps that isn't in English. There may be exceptions however(For example: Difficulty speaking English but still is understandable)

Our code of conduct

 Be Civil
TheDD isn't a place for you to flame around. Treat others with respect and try to resolve internal conflicts in a peaceful manner. In extreme cases, such as harassment and sharing personal information when you don't have a person's consent, expulsions may be delivered.
 Respect the server's rule
Being in TheDD doesn't mean you're exempt from the server's rule. Follow it like you normally would.

For Officers

 Follow the Punishment Policy!
It is the most important thing that any officer must know and if you don't follow it, you will be demoted or even kicked from the gang, no question asked
 Don't abuse your power
I can't stress this enough. DON'T ABUSE YOUR POWER!!!! This includes using your position as an Officer to threaten to kick a fellow member for malicious reasons(i.e you don't like him) Being an officer is about helping the gang, not being entitled to special treatment and think you're superior than everyone. You aren't.
 Report who you recruited or kicked in the membership_changes section of Discord
Remember to list the name, date, reason if kicked. All kicks that are not reported in Discord in the same day of the kick will be deemed invalid and the kicked member will be reinvited if he wishes to
Punishment Policy for Officers

1-Don't do the staff's job for them
Officers are simply that, officers. They are not staff, they don't enforce the server rules, they are just there to invite and lead people in RP situation and also kick when really necessary. When a member broke a server's rule, PLEASE don't feel the need to add insult to injury and kick them out of the gang. They probably already got a slap on the wrist by staffs. People makes mistakes. That's what makes people, people. Remember that TheDD is a gang filled with people, and they will make mistakes that is either intentional or unintentional.
2-Only kick for serious offenses listed below
-Continuous harassment of gangmates
-Revealing personal information of gangmates without their permission
-Serious rule breaking such as mass rdm, trying to crash the server, you get the idea
-Permaed members
-Recurring offenses after being warned multiple times
-Other offenses that are not listed here that can be interpreted as serious

Payment Policy(Operated by Officer Peanut Butter)

Serving for TheDD is voluntary work, and you are not forced to be CP all the time. However we do try to encourage CP work by making it more diverse, engaging, and realistic. So, one way of doing that is that TheDD Operatives that participate in our programs and operations more frequently will be offered Bonus Payments based on Pay Periods for showing effort and engaging in these activities with us. Members will be given a $10,000 per hour salary each week if they participate in our optional
#cp_sign-in_sign-out channel while they are active as CP. There is also a ranking system based around this system and those select few that prove their worth and reach Officer will recieve a Salary of undisclosed each at undisclosed times.

Gang Relations Policy
TheDD's view on gang relations is one of cooperation and peace. We strive to make new allies and our objective overall is to keep a stable Downtown. However, this doesn't mean that we're
avoiding conflict. If problems escalates and can't be solved with diplomatic means, we're ready to be defend downtown to those that threatens the safety of the people.

To request an alliance, one can simply PM me, reply to this thread or post on TheDD's Discord.

Executive Officer:
-Dimitri Kirnov AKA Mr. Peanut Butter

-Not Bill Cosby
-Mr Smiles
-Cold Testicle
-Kamala Gekkido

Perks and Benefits
Perks are the same throughout all gangs and can be checked ingame with !gangmenu, talents however are unique to each gangs. Our gang focuses on cop talents to give cops the most advantage against criminals

[Image: soYrjwV.png][Image: rgDSCsg.png]

Mascot of TheDD
[Image: FB_IMG_1467667905622.jpg]

Policies about leaving TheDD

TheDD has a lax attitude about leaving/resigning. You aren't "binded" to TheDD the moment you join it and you can leave whenever you feel like. You won't be exiled like what other gangs do and are free to return whenever you want. Of course, Officers who left TheDD and come back after a long period(1 month+) has to start over as a member(However, exceptions can be made in a case by base basis.

[Image: fc0b01fe10a0b8c602fb0106d8189d9b.png]
Our discord link is https://discord.gg/rZeJw6G
When you arrive there, ask for officers or higher to promote you to Member if you're a member and to Ally if you're an ally of TheDD


Updated leaving policies


Pigergast what is your discord name I want to talk to you about your gang

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(08-03-2017, 08:09 PM)thedoctor12345678910111213 Wrote: Pigergast what is your discord name I want to talk to you about your gang

The discord link is at the bottom of the first post of this thread. It contains a permanent inv link to our discord.

Edit: a word


Heyoo, police related news here. Just got this one off the changelog

July 29th Changelog
  • Cops who fine a player successfully get 50% of the fine amount, other 50% is distributed to the PD

  • Fixed most events

  • Fixed a printer battery glitch

  • Possibly fixed a rare glitch where the printer would explode right after a failsafe was destroyed

  • Fixed an issue where CC perms wouldn't save perma

  • Removed the auto trial mod promotor

This new fine system update should incentivize cops to roleplay as actual cops and fine people for crime if they aren't dangerous/armed instead of baton rush/straight up kill people for breaking laws


I'm writing a Civil Protection Guide to help people interested in CP to tone their skills. I thought it should be posted here as well.



(08-10-2017, 11:22 AM)Dimitri Kirnov Wrote: I'm writing a Civil Protection Guide to help people interested in CP to tone their skills. I thought it should be posted here as well.


Interesting idea. Maybe when it's done and informational enough, it could even be the official TheDD manual! Only time will tell.


Big announcement here.

I had a talk with Sugar about the gang system, and these are the things that I've learned that I think you guys might find informational.

-Gang system is now no longer separated. Instead of cop or thief, there will now be perk tree. The idea is still being finalized, but from what sugar told me, gang owner will be able to specialize into roles(Cop, thief, etc) and make their gang more oriented to it's playstyle. This mean that, although TheDD will now be just a normal gang, we'll be invested into the Cop perk tree. However, if we do max the cop perk tree, we may diversify into other roles.
-Staff Manager is gonna be a thing
-Map and new jobs is gonna be released first and then later the gang system due to it being reworked

Let us all hype for this wonderful content update.


I liked everything about this gang except the "walkie-talkie"

When I played GTA5RP on a supper SeriousRP server, we used teamspeak and there was a addon that made it sound like PD radios.

Other than that, this gang sounds really awesome!


(09-17-2017, 04:16 PM)Cullen Wrote: I liked everything about this gang except the "walkie-talkie"

When I played GTA5RP on a supper SeriousRP server, we used teamspeak and there was a addon that made it sound like PD radios.

Other than that, this gang sounds really awesome!

What would we ever do without you're opinion

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