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TheDD Cop Gang Official Recruitment and Informational Thread

(05-01-2018, 01:58 AM)Pigergast Wrote: May 1st 2018 Update
-NSFW channel added by Officer Mr. Peanut Butter in discord(THIS WAS NOT MY IDEA -Pigergast)

he is just too ashamed to post his leprechaun porn


-Level change(53-54)(Special Ingredient perk unlocked)

May 4th 2018 update
-Officer resigned(Whitelace)
-R&D section of the forum thread is removed because its unecessary

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May 6th 2018 update
-Officer resigned and left TheDD(Xior)
-Officer demoted due to inactivity(DankBank)
-Officer Promoted(Bulvie)

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